Android 14 Concept

Introducing Android 14. Like, comment, and Subscribe + the bells! Follow my AR 4789’s Social Media! Instagram: …


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  1. YichedPlayz

    hey man im telling you star t designing software for your fans bro, also amazing visual

  2. Harukawa

    GG Bang, ngerii konsepnyaaa
    Tapi Koneksi ke Satelit sudah ada di iPhone 13/14. Cuma kalo di Android fiturnya masih belum tersedia

  3. Matichet

    Yes! I would love to have these features on my phone especially drag and drop


    Why are u making youtube videos and not be founder of a idk 75,000,000$ Company?

  5. The Emergency one is copied from an iPhone 14 Feature. If the android really choses this then shameful to android to copy iphone's feature

  6. Rusell Gaming

    Google said android 14 will be released in May 2023. CAN'T WAIT!!!

  7. FoxenzSMP

    If the android 14 for like that I'll say that android just copied iPhone on the lock screen and on the stacked widgets (does people even kno that 90% of the new emojis apple create, android copies?)

  8. Solar

    Android developers who are watching this, we need this

  9. Duskfox

    Can we just appreciate how ahead of time AR 4789 is with his concept designs? May as well be a UI developer for Android.

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