Android Phones are about to LEVEL UP 🤯

The tech coming to Android phones is going to be WILD thanks to Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. If you like cameras, AI, better performance, or gaming, hold on to your seats. Here’s what I learned at the Snapdragon Summit.

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  1. Jason Rodriguez

    He’s getting better at reviewing more then iPhone s now thank god

  2. i

    Still slower than the A17 Pro. It’s already in the Xiaomi 14 Pro and available for review.

  3. Daniel Iseri

    All good specs except there are no good games to play

  4. Faraz Edoo

    It's so sad when youtubers say how great android phones are because it's sponsored and then go back to iPhones right after the video. No offense.

  5. free_Palestine

    Xiaomi 14 series and vivo iqoo 12 series already on sale with that cpu !!

  6. Brolylover007

    Can we seriously get better battery tech now? Like what happened about Graphene batteries? Li-Ion and Li-Po aren't cutting it anymore. Devices keep getting better and battery tech is still the same garbage that we have used for decades.

  7. Rather than ray a mobile gamer.. I'm more into DLSS..where i can enjoy stable frame rate while in games while it using less of the GPU power..just like in iOS..right now whatever Qualcomm and Google is doing in Android future system doesn't impressed me much..but I'm still loving Android..and not yet making full migration into iOS..

  8. Fellowape

    no, Android equals granny-phone now. Remember those Nokia phones? 🙂

  9. Richtea78

    Oh great another advert. He doesn't even do tech unboxing anymore. There's nothing average about this guy. Does the average consumer get invited to launch events by chip producers?

  10. Cris Star

    So now the gov. Will be able to make you think real pictures are fake and fake pics are real this is actually not really a good thing

  11. john smith

    You are a very under average consumer if you don’t understand that anything over 120hz your eyes can’t see the difference

  12. AfroTech

    📌 it doesn’t matter. People just want 60hz and  iMessage. 🙄
    📌Also, a lot of hypocrisy in US tech youtubers when you all everyday carry Apple Watch, and work with a MacBook Pro. Those products are great but you act like nobody in the world use Windows laptop, Teams software, OneDrive…🤨

  13. Brian Glaze

    Qualcomm is trying to compete with the Pixel Tensor machine learning and AI

  14. Ray tracing was already on the snapdragon 8 gen 2 but not the 240 fps. However, the games were not being updated for playing and enabling ray tracing. For example, when i used to use the z fold 4, none of the games like call of duty mobile, ark: survival evolved and bright memory did not get updated for ray tracing support. I wanna be able to play ray tracing on the flagship sony phones with there 4k 120 hz oled display. The sony xperia 1 v has the snapdragon 8 gen 2 and it has a 4k 120 hz oled display with support for ray tracing due to having the processor for ray tracing support. I had the sony xperia 1 iii and i upgraded to the sony xperia 1 iv and both sony phones have 4k 120 hz oled display. I'm not really too keen on using a.i. because a.i. can be used and abused in so many ways. For instance, a.i. could be used for making fake youtube videos from using a.i. mixed with deep fake images and deep fake videos and a.i. can be used for fake paid positive reviews from amazon. There should be an option for disabling and even uninstall the a.i. aspect from the software and rely more on the hardware and the software without relying on a.i.

  15. Should I stay with my S22 ultra or should i upgrade to the S24 ultra when available?

  16. ps

    Aapka ausatan khareeddaar

  17. We Groot

    I'm all for AI editing of existing photos, but fuck anyone who enables the use of completely generated AI art. Fuck this and fuck everyone pushing for it.

  18. Wood

    My only wish for the future is longer lasting battery on my phone even with heavy use. A new technology that can help we last up to 3-4 days with one charge.

  19. Gaming performance is about to balloon….. battery performance is about to talloo

  20. Dimitri Hepburn

    You can’t ask an AI something that requires it to fetch information without stepping outside the privacy bubble of your phone.

  21. Amin Momtaheni

    great more gimmicks. i like better gpu and cpu but not the AI part eating my battery, and add heat and more cost to my phone. there should be two versions of the phone. with AI and WIthout. i would like!

  22. Anthony H

    Games can look good but man would be nice for batteries to last more than 2 hours while gaming! 👍🏽😬

  23. Avaline Sky

    Oh boy… cant wait for more AI generated garbage to flood social media when everyone has it in their pocket

  24. Vlad Putin

    I can see a 240 fps games on mobile, my poco f5 with 7+ gen 2 processor can almost run all games that support 120 fps on lowest graphics settings and it can actually run 123 125 fps sometimes mind you 7+ gen 2 is actually an underclock 8+ gen 1, i can only imagine what the 8+ gen 3 can do

  25. thembp82

    That's why I love android. Apple is way behind on technology 👎

  26. Ex Tra

    I felt like WiFi 6 and 6E had the shortest life span ever lol. Like people barely adopted it and we already gettin 7

  27. Ex Tra

    Photo expansion and object erasing in video is truly game changing if it works as well as it should

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