You are currently viewing Animated Pyramid: CSS Tutorial (Day 20 of CSS3 in 30 Days)

Animated Pyramid: CSS Tutorial (Day 20 of CSS3 in 30 Days)

Create a small triangle that, once hovered over, animates into a pyramid comprised of several shapes!

⭐️Files you need ⭐️
💻Animated Pyramid Code:
💻All tutorials in this series need this “_theme-styles” directory (only download once):

This video works as a stand-alone tutorial but is also day 13 of CSS3 in 30 Days. For the rest of the series, check out this playlist:

CSS3 in 30 Days is developed by Brad Hussey. Check out his website for more great tutorials:

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  1. J_Net Reloaded

    problem is that if the screen size (resolution) is higher then it no longer looks like a normal triangle.

  2. Vishaal

    Just wow…. I'll definitely follow from now…

  3. Do you have this series in a playlist? If not, that would be very helpful – thanks. 🙂

    Edit: For anyone else who was wondering the playlist was placed in the video description. Thanks for your hard work freeCodeCamp.

  4. Tolumide

    great video. Howabout the :hover on the{}.What do you think?

  5. N1n741

    Thank you Brad! good idea. You're a genius man, had a good laugh also.

  6. Hi Brad, I am following this series for 2 weeks. And this is the first video that is beyond my comprehension. I couldn`t grasp it. I have a question why don`t you use predefined things like IDK how you hide the triangle parts but was it not possible by using visibility: hidden ???
    This kind of questions arise when I see this video.
    Kindly reply!

  7. Ishan Kesharwani

    I tried some of my understanding and tweaked code a little and it blew my mind. Not being pompous at all but the effect i got was amazing. Thanks for this BRAD !!!

  8. Anton Rich

    Oh, gosh, I thought it will a useless lesson. But it turns out to be excellent!

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