You are currently viewing AOC AG322QCX: Big, Fast & Amazing Value

AOC AG322QCX: Big, Fast & Amazing Value

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AOC Agon AG322QCX Monitor Review: Big, Fast and Surprisingly Cheap

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. WvnDesign

    Why'd you move your head to left to right? 😛

  2. Eddie

    Kinda an old video, but anyone know how to calibrate it well? I know he said used a software or something?

  3. VA panel, so it's literally only a gaming monitor, and with the curved panel, the color shift shouldn't be such a big deal. But this definitely isn't like a multimedia monitor or something.

  4. Xaltar

    For anyone looking for a cheap 32" MVA panel AOC's Q3279VWF is also amazing value for money. It won't appeal to high FPS hardcore gamers due to it's limitations (some slight ghosting) but for daily use, productivity and casual gaming it's a beast. Coming in at around 200 euro it can't be beaten. If you are a gamer then you will want to look at a smaller higher refresh panel for the same money though.

  5. vsbl

    Hi Tim can you post the calibration settings you used for this monitor? Thanks! Great review as always!

  6. Ross Berry

    Are you going to review the Viotek 144Hz GN32LD or Pixio PXC32?

  7. Lumino

    I have a Gtx 1050ti, do you think it will still work well even though the monitor has FreeSync?

  8. C45Ni

    like hes playing VR and youre pretending to be cyclops melting away the enemies!

  9. Andy Holmes

    Hi. Could you share your sRGB settings please. Thanks

  10. Foltarz

    must be an old review as in Australia you can buy this for under $400 and since this reviewer is talking for more professional people this is a gaming monitor and be reviewed as such.

  11. Hans

    What mouse do you have to use for aoc agon?

  12. Stunl3y

    would like to know what graphics card you are running while you were reviewing this please ?

  13. Ben Lewis

    Thanks for the detailed review, especially the tip about setting the sRGB mode in Colour settings, it transforms this (AG322QC4) monitor to a stunning level of quality, which for under £400 (including getting no-dead-pixel check from box) N.B. The stand for this beast is putting the monitor face 20cm from the back of the desk, so you may need to re-arrange how close you normally sit to the desk, or consider a vesa mount.

  14. Skynet

    AOC AGON G3908VWXA 38.5" Curved

  15. RocketLR

    why is your head turning left and right repeatedly while you speak? xD

  16. TalleeOn

    Great quick review! I was debating on this monitor or the higher model that supports HDR. I looked at several reviews that compared the HDR with no HDR, and I've decided to save the cash and get this one. HDR seems to not look so great for gaming IMO.

  17. SneakyNative

    @Hardware Unboxed Do you still have this monitor laying around and can you test it with Gsync? Or possibly any of the people in the comments who own one. I'm stuck between this and another similarly priced 32in 1440p 144hz monitor. Playing well with gsync enabled would really make it the better deal.

    Edit: OH it's a headphone stand. I saw it in the pictures and was wonder wtf it could be. I'm a moron. But that's super handy.. I guess.

  18. Adrian Borinsky

    Hi there, a bit of a stupid question, but I suppose that with the calman (or however it's spelled) program you need the expensive dongle to do any kind of calibration on your monitor ?

  19. jdrbalm

    How much difference is there between this monitor and this year's model?

  20. Jason Swift

    what is the difference between the AOC Agon AF322QCX and the QC4 models please? Also will the freesync function of this monitor work if you don't have a AMD chip in your GPU?

  21. Aeglon

    any one have any experience with this and G sync?

  22. corza bourne

    Does anyone know how this runs with gsync ticked on a nvidia card ?

  23. Alex Worm

    worst thing about its desing tbh is that glossy bezel, if you have backlighted keyboard you'll see lots of reflections, really idiotic. I have the acer xz321qu, wich uses the same panel, it is a great panel, mine has some backlightbleed, but it just bothers me when watching movies in a pitch black room at a distance, while gaming on a pitch black room i cant notice it, from close i can only notice it when seeing a totally black image or a logo on black, on content its only dark movies from a distance. Its a incredible display, i love it, and thank god its not a predator line the desing is the same as the predator line, but instead of red accents they are grey. The bezels are all matt too, so its perfect for me. It does have ghosting, but i only notice it at desktop if i put a light background and move around a black window, while gaming and watching movies i dont notice it at all. The contrast and lack of IPS glow made me go with VA, and im glad i did. Paid 430 bucks too, so it was a bargain. O! and i forgot to mention i dont know if it wasnt me that caused the backlight bleed, cause i brought it in my luggage from taiwan to brazil, lol.

  24. N8MR

    is there VEGA mounting on this monitor?

  25. Rob B

    How would you fix a dead pixel on the 27in version of this monitor?

  26. ShakirZ Shukri

    What is the difference between this model and the aoc agon ag322qc4?as far as i know the difference is the panel.

  27. 武Zheyan

    Hi what’s the game you were playing at the beginning?

  28. Kevini G

    Hi sir can i use the monitor with my Xbox one x 1440p 120Hz tru the HDMI?

  29. Binnem

    Can you review the APC AG273QCX?

  30. Ioana SHINee

    This review answered all my questions about the product and made me decide to buy it!
    Thank you so very much 😀 Great job!

  31. sadville

    Does it have an AUX input.
    I bought a new MSI monitor with the same specs but the fact that it has no AUX input kills it.

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