AOKZOE A1 Pro — Huge Screen, Massive Power

The new AOKZOE A1 Pro is the first handheld to release with the Ryzen 7 7840U APU, and it packs a winning combo of screen, power, battery, and controls. In this video we’ll take a deep dive and see if it’s worth the surprisingly-reasonable $799 pre-order price. Oh, and yeah they fixed the d-pad.

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00:00 introduction
01:45 tech specs
02:52 size and weight comparison
05:24 unboxing and pricing
06:42 hardware impressions
07:44 d-pad discussion
10:26 hardware impressions continued
13:20 ergonomics and comfort
15:52 display and audio testing
19:32 software experience
20:58 battery life testing
23:58 PC game testing
30:26 emulation testing
36:29 summary (likes and dislikes)
39:43 comparison with ROG Ally
41:07 conclusion

This was a review unit sent to me by the manufacturer. All opinions are my own, they did not see this review ahead of time, and no money was exchanged in any way.

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  1. Martin Quale

    Your great videos will be even better if you stop saying "personally". It's redundant. The whole video is your personal opinion. The "I" in "I, personally" tells us what follows is personal without the additional word.

  2. Chummy 8

    The Miyoo Mini should be in every comparison test

  3. Black10710

    if you're in europe this costs less than the ROG Ally

  4. locked01

    I went for the Ally. Purely because of warranty reasons. Yes, the A1 was tempting but I went way out of my budget for the Ally and those $100 extra where the nail on the coffin.

  5. Gray Mars

    There is a huge market for a video game console controller friendly interface/launcher for windows but no one is doing it! Whats up with that?

  6. royandescartes

    i swear….consoles might just become cheaper to buy than these handheld consoles. i read that soon you might be able to get an RTX 4060 starting at $300. this competition is good.

  7. Simon Larouche

    Russ, stop holding your expensive devices over a balcony rail on the 10th floor-ish of your apartment, ahaha. You are giving me anxiety attacks ;). Thank you for all your great work on these reviews.

  8. 56

    No trackpads🙄

  9. cezar popoca

    Bro. Bro. Plz make a vid on Gba for 3ds like cmon bro just make it reall quick or tell me

  10. yourissues

    If the early bird price was the regular price, it would be an easy pick.

  11. OfficeGossip

    Valve is rubbing their hands at the moment. I’m just waiting to see what consumer friendly option is gonna come down the line.

  12. AppNasty

    I swear to god….say TDP……one…..more…..time.

  13. Samuel

    In germany the AOKZOE is cheaper compared to the Rog Ally, now im relly confused what to get :I

  14. Anthul65

    Is this another Chinese “ i will work for 2 weeks” shit?

  15. Mohamed Fayed

    Taking a moment before I finish watching the video to mention that this looks a lot better and prettier than the ALLY. I'm talking about the looks, design and the colors. Let's see if its performance is better or not.

  16. curtfont

    Your hands are a lot more feminine than your wife. Actually I didn't see anything feminine about wifey's hands.

  17. Not sure if I saw this mentioned on your video, but can these buttons be configured for auto fire on any game, especially emulation?

  18. Charles

    just bought one after this video, thanks

  19. Bob Cake

    Someday I’ll have money- and someday I’ll be getting that early early-bird price 😎tis is my dream for buying a handheld

  20. R M

    This is like a badass version of the Rog Ally

  21. Really loved the video. The Aokzoe A1 pro is a very good device. Yeah no good customer support but I will take a chance on it any day over the Rog Ally. That device is just one limiting device. Still for me, the Win Max 2 with 7840u has better upgrades and performance over the AokzoeA1 pro even though the A1pro is very good.

  22. yanni6556

    Good hardware but in my mind its like a cheap tablet, you buy an ipad its supported for years those chinese tablets have poor support, hope its not the same.

  23. Gilles Ronconi

    I pre-ordered the ROG Ally, the AOKZOE seems a bit too big although I have big hands. I owned the OneXPlayer S1 8.4" version and sold it because I thought it was too bulky and too heavy, not so comfortable to play with.

    I also pre-ordered the Loki Max, and that was in July 2022. They are way behind and I thought already about canceling my order, if it's possible, as any device coming out this year is already more powerful. I like the size though, I have the Odin Pro and it's my favorite to play with, needs just some more power.

    Do you happen to have any news about the Loki Max and their development or shipping dates? Thanks.

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