Apex Legends – Official Celestial Sunrise Collection Event Trailer

Apex Legends is bringing the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event to the hit battle royale. The event will bring the introduction of the new LTM Hardcore Royale, which will put players’ skills to the ultimate test, as well as the new cosmetics such as the “Jadeite Retribution” Reactive Peacekeeper Skin and more. The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will run from January 24 through February 7.

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  1. BuksolL!

    as per my friend, game is full of hackers plus their employees are playing that can force kick you out of server

  2. If me and the boys catch any of y’all wearing these ridiculous skins, especially the PK skin you’re getting roasted and your death box is getting bagged

  3. Gspr Mdna

    the game needs to be updated it gets a little boring to fast. maybe customization options. how bout we build our own tactics from a tactic shop or some .

  4. Wammy

    It’s sad how much Apex has backtracked !!! This used too be my go too Battle-royal title too play when in the mood too squad up & not actual put sweat in grinding. There cosmetics used too be more than fair, and easily obtainable… now they cost more than a brand new TV !!!!

  5. andrey

    no cross progression will not play

  6. Randy Maramot

    Every gamer, whether playing console or mobile is aware of in-game purchases. So ESRB added a label as a pre-caution, including interacting users.

  7. T.A

    Look at the amount of recoloring is amazing.
    They completely gave up on this game entirely.

  8. Hii Hippy

    who the hell plays like this though?? lmao, it almost looks like a campaign

  9. Ak47

    at least new game mode

  10. AaronTheAnimal

    milking the playerbase instead of meaningful changes. classic EA

  11. Jordan Robinson

    Call false advertising on this…teams don’t stay together like that they disconnect

  12. Gypso1075

    Another event back to back? Damn ok that's cool

  13. Téo

    This update: new skins, a new basic mode coded by 2 guys at Respawn
    …No actual content… Apex in a nutshell

  14. CrimsonFlame

    Just like every game with a battlepass. 90% of the effort goes straight into the overpriced skins with hardly any content attached.

  15. Bob

    IGN nailed it when she called them out like we all want to. They need fresh stuff. I'm tired of cash grab and repeatative events.

  16. Hipster Viking

    Yea but I’m pretty certain that we won’t get a discount……even though the reactive skin is from the Season 3 BP…

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