Apple in 2023 – EVERYTHING to Expect!

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2023 iPhone 15, MacBook Air M3, Apple RealityPro AR/VR Headset & more – Everything to Expect from Apple in 2023!

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    So honoured to be finally partnering with Huel! Been using them since 2017! Such a life changer for when you want something quick and healthy to eat! Check them out –

  2. Videohut

    Many thanks.
    Excellent video.
    Lots to look forward to this year from Apple.

  3. tank_robin78

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Mr Whostheboss in the huel fit

  4. Greeg P

    You are fanboy apple 🤣😅

  5. Jake Horne

    Is anyone actually excited for this headset? Nobody I know has any interest in VR whatsoever

  6. Weekend Warrior

    I'll be waiting for the Samsung version which will be to do all of the things we want these things to do and give users the innovative experience they want.

  7. Chul

    Investing appropriately today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future 🛍️

  8. Gadgets Arise

    8:31 Correction: iPad mini had launched in September 2021, along with the iPhone 13 series with an A15 Bionic chip.

  9. 330iDan

    Imagine if we got a 5000 MAH battery and with like 11 hour

  10. Florent S.

    Why does it take apple so long to update the screen technology on the smaller iPad pro. I’ve been waiting for ages to update mine.

  11. ADDODZ1

    What if Steve jobs never died? Where would apple be right now? I mean if he invented the iPhone he probably wouldve invented something we have no idea exists

  12. Dark Passenger

    I thought the 15'' MBA was coming out in Spring with M2 but if they're gonna use the 3nm M3, it'll be worth the wait!

  13. Afar5

    If the price is $3000 believe no one will bye it. It will flop to the earth’s core. Believe me not even Tim Cook himself can buy it. Bill Gates won’t bye it.

  14. Matt D

    I’m looking forward to the iPhone 15 Max (Ultra). Titanium may finally allow me to go case-less. The finger prints on the stainless steel doesn’t go well with my OCD. Looking forward to the periscope zoom lens, and USB-C.


    after seeing this video i think you have either skipped your sleeping schedule or you are working more hrs. and sleeping less. because your eyes looks sleepy

  16. Ramashish Naman

    Few are not able to afford an iPhone and now they are trying to replace it with reality headset costing around 3000usd now i guess it would become a dream of many…..🙄🙄😬

  17. Donald Ducko

    If they go curved edges on the iPhone what a giant mistake. This is what I love about Apple. They went flat which was a iPhone trademark and makes the phones so easy to hold and it was revolutionary! Now they might go curved again and it’s… wait for it… revolutionary!

    Apple makes the dumbest changes and even stupid changes back to what they had and people applaud it like it’s innovation.

    Sorry Apple but we see through your bs. The only thing Apple had its it’s seamless experience. The phones are just easier and better to use than android. Curved edges again would be a big let down.

  18. Michael Augie

    Dude! Until your able to get ride of the alarm, ringer or whatever is constantly going off in the background I will no longer be able to watch your videos.

  19. Monae

    So AR headset, already old Samsung did that with the Note 5. 😢 Damn Apple give us something New 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  20. Igor Costa

    Just want wallpapers for iPad (and different login users). 😅

  21. Andy MacLeod

    This is a lot of guesswork. I could justify launching all these products in several different orders…

  22. cutiepie

    Daniel why do you look so much older?

  23. JosephGames

    Is it just me but why did he say the iPad mini 6 was in 2020 it was in 2021

  24. Even so, Apple is unwilling to fix AirDrop bugs, and never care about the needs of users.

  25. Timmmm#5012

    With the pro headset price, you might as well go ahead and buy Microsoft hololens

  26. Alex

    I'm thinking the headset will unveiled in June. Talking about it early in the spring with no shipments (cause I highly doubt they've gotten all their supply logistics worked out by then) doesn't benefit them. But an unveil at wwdc with hands on time for software developers and coverage from big yt channels would be the best way to get traction on this product.

    They could simply do 2 events for June. A virtual event for a Mac pro like a week before wwdc but have it be a 20 min production much like the M2 pro mac's. Then at wwdc do the AR glasses thing.

    Or the Mac pro can simply be done at anytime in the yr since a January release was crazy to think of earlier yet it happened so apple has no issue breaking tradition

  27. haunani

    No one cares about that ugly headset.We need some cool looking glasses.

  28. Xcellence

    That Mac Pro (cheese grater) is the worst purchase anyone can make right now.

  29. All 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

  30. p s

    Iphone should become a computer by having a video output port. Android already has it like Samsung Dex or Motorola ready for.

  31. Graham Culleton

    RealityPro AR/VR Headset snake oil just like 3D tv. Big splash lots of marketing sales pitch going no where.

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