You are currently viewing Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ Review – It’s a TRAP!

Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ Review – It’s a TRAP!

Dave2D review of the Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ with Smart Keyboard and Pencil
Poo Emoji Toy –
(AKA – the best toy ever)

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  1. Dave2D

    iPad Pro hardware is boss but iOS 11 still isn't gonna cut it for me. Thanks for watching 2dfam!

  2. lfyfain

    poking on the screen is never gonna be as precise as a mouse. YES. this is why touchscreen laptops are useless. I don't know why PC manufactures make it a major selling point. not to mention windows 10 is atrocious for touch interface. good luck with the small buttons.

  3. MaZEEZaM

    Has anyone heard of someone formatting the iPad Pro and running Windows 10 on it? That would be awesome

  4. sasha mocni

    Just a quick n serious question 4 ya.
    Is that a chocolate yogurt or poop emoji? 😁

  5. Yeah, Ive replaced my laptop with an iPad Pro, and have been fine. You get used to using it. Especially if you have the 12.9 inch (affiliate) There’s a lot of things that you can get by without having.

  6. Wycliff Studios

    iPad: No file Browser, no support for USB Flash Drive/ SSD/ HDD, no mouse support, no desktop apps—- A great Netflix/Youtube/Mobile gaming machine.
    Surface Pro/Go: A real computer which is portable as well.

  7. RamprasadAviator

    And please tell me which one is better to buy this iPad pro 10.5 or iPad air 2019 ?

  8. Wonyoung Koh

    Love you Dave just gave up buying iPad pro, you are the man, real man

  9. Sakthi Vel

    does 64gb enough for a student who wants to use it only for online note taking?

  10. Fellar 031

    It is indeed a trap, white spot issue would cause you to buy the screen which is cost fortune.

  11. Shane Teo

    Really liked your analysis and in dept view on the iPad Pro.

    However, on the other hand, I really don’t understand why do people want to buy the ipad to replace your computer. This product was never meant to replace your laptop. It’s meant to be a device to do things which the mobile can already do, yet on a much larger real estate. If you wish to get a laptop, get a real laptop. I’m very certain Apple will not make an ipad that replaces the laptop entirely as doing so will cannibalise the sales of the Macbook.

  12. Yashodhan Goenka

    Which keyboard cover is being used in the video which has the back case as well?

  13. pascal durieux

    excellent reviewer,pleasant voice to listen to, intelligent analysis

  14. James C

    Hi Dave can you please do another review what is the best value for money iPad in 2019 ? There's iPad Pro 10.5" 256gb wifi (2017 version) on clearance for $450. Is this model still good in its time and age ?

  15. Daren Ling

    do you experience any bright spot issue on the screen?

  16. krissai cally

    Ipad pro 2018 vs ipad air 2019…which is a greater deal?

  17. marc rendon

    Hi dave. What ipad case are you using with that ipad?

  18. Donovan du Plooy

    Thanks for the video. I wonder if you would change your opinion now with the latest iPadOS.

  19. Ed P

    Fast forward to 2020. Does a mouse not work in the updated iOS for the 10.5 iPad Pro from 2017?

  20. Aelite

    Actually for all my ipad/mobile gamers out there.

    This is the best, a lot of games automatically is a bit smoother and some games have the option to enable 120 fps.. its worth it

  21. Meowth

    I think once iPad figure how to not always operate as full screen apps, it will be as good as a laptop.

  22. Vikram Maria

    Hi Dave, do you plan to redo this video now that the new iPad OS is out and there is mouse support etc? Thank you

  23. Caden Churchill

    For me at least, I couldn't use my iPad as my main device until I replaced my iPad 5th generation with an Air 3 with Apple Pencil and updated to iPadOS 13.

  24. Ansey Nadel

    There’s ipadOS now… perfect device for me (a college student)

  25. Jim Blaineau

    Today, free years later, I use my iPad Pro 10.5 with iPad os 14 and when I want to work like on a laptop, I pick up my Smart Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad and I’m done

  26. NicPeruTech

    Coming back to this video to see if an iPad Pro 10.5 would be worth it and im shocked by the freshness Dave gives, you used to talk a lot faster Dave 🤣 hope Dave sees this

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