Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review | Two Months Later…

Reviewing Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max (Deep Purple) two months later, to see if the camera performance, iOS 16 experience etc are worth that £1000-plus UK asking price. Or should you shun the iPhone 14 Pro Max and grab an Android rival like the Pixel 7 Pro or Samsung S22 Ultra?

One of Apple’s main upgrades here vs last year’s 13 Pro Max smartphone is the 48MP primary camera with updated OIS. Sadly this doesn’t make a huge difference to night photo quality, where the Pixel still shines brighter. However, for everyday pics and movies, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will satisfy most users.

Gaming performance is as strong as you’d like while the battery life is among the absolute best of any 2022 smartphone. I also quite like the Pro Max’s media chops, with a bright and poppy XDR screen and beefy stereo speaker setup on board. That said, the ‘Dynamic Island’ is a proper pain, getting in the way when you’re watching movies or playing a game.

Apple’s iOS 16 still needs some work, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max suffers quite a few other flaws for a flagship mobile. Better specs and camera tech can be found on Android phones that are considerably cheaper. Still, iPhone fans will be happy enough – just don’t waste your money if you already have last year’s smartphone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Review Chapters:
0:00 – Here we go again
0:34 – Design
2:11 – iOS 16 & features
5:49 – Display & audio
7:15 – Performance & gaming
8:02 – Battery life
8:54 – Cameras
11:51 – Verdict


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  1. Kevin

    I just realised something. You're Andy Murray without hair. Who knew? 😁

  2. Penuel

    as always excellent review and where can i get that wallpaper

  3. niphanif

    iphone and samsung display is yellowish, xiaomi did better white is white close to a4 paper

  4. S'busiso Zulu

    “It’s not true always on display it’s just a dimmed version of the lock screen”. Sound like always on display to me.
    Otherwise what is always on? A clock? Clock always on ? Android fanboys will finish you?

  5. Terry Alfred

    Downloading via 3rd party media apps, That's why I absolutely cannot do iPhone. Plus the charging speed. When you have 65W Super VOOC, almost all charging speeds feel slow.

  6. i actually want to ask “pro” is also colorful.. so not dark business looking 😢 but since they have deep purplew i want it..
    i wish they have magenta or cotton candy in pro style

    sir, for some ppl £1200 in US or england is okay, compared to the other country like india indonesia, sg, for those countries this IP is VERRYY EXPENSIVE
    if u r indian, u will cry more with this price..
    so.. be grateful 😇
    *in comparison of currency of other countries *

  7. Amandeep Singh

    Chris is the best tech reviewer out there. Love your honest reviews.

  8. Sharan Kulkarni

    Gone were the days when we used to say that iPhone battery sucks 😛

  9. Sheri Schweyer

    I really appreciate your honest reviews! You do them in a way that others don't and it's refreshing. It gives me more of a real look into what the phone is, aside from the things everyone else hypes up. Thank you!

  10. Justin Stewart

    Gotta say these things are just getting too enormous and heavy to use. Can’t just pocket these things at all anymore. It’s a shame.

  11. Bonedatt

    I have owned the iPhone 4s, iPhone 8, iPhone Xs, and I currently own an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple usually makes beautiful hardware. iOS on the other hand, is the worst. Since 2011, I've been hoping they'd fix iOS so I can finally use these phones for more than two weeks. Unfortunately, there has been little to no improvements. Notifications are still messy, gestures (back gestures in particular) are non existent, the settings menu is hilariously confusing, access to the file system is a joke, and T9 dialing (what's that by the way). Exactly! Apple has no clue. I'm sure there are other tiny annoyances that iOS presents, but atleast resolve these, Apple. If by iOS 20 nothing has improved, then it means an iPhone isn't meant for me to use for a prolonged period of time. Anyway, great review as always. Cheers!

  12. baldyhead

    So… Apple has managed to create a phone with lesser abilities than my 2 year old Oppo Find X2 pro!
    Morphing floater! Lol!

  13. Edward Grafton

    Hey Uncle Spurt I thought that you didn't like Apple iPhone's that you where just into Android phones and Google Pixel phones?

  14. Laoma41

    Yeah I got the iphone 13 mini based on your video, the size is great, battery life is ok (from a Pixel 3a), updates will be great. Also having a Spigen Magsafe wallet is excellent. But I was surprised some apps don't work as well as Android, the download thing is annoying. On the fence about going back to Android if suddenly my phone gets damaged. The magsafe thing is the probably the main benefit with iPhone along with long term support. Pixels are better now with updates but was disappointed with the pixel 3a only getting 3 years from release.

  15. S C

    iPhone 1099 pounds Vs Redmi Note 10 Pro for 150 pounds bought like new from Amazon at the moment? As long as I can watch YouTube in 1080p and browse internet at fast speeds and get a decent camera 108 MP on Redmi Note 10 Pro then I think iPhones are overated and just a fashion item these days….

  16. S C

    I also prefer fingerprint security rather than face. Using I phone it wouldn't recognize me in the mornings 😂

  17. S C

    We just need an android phone with camera tech from the iPhone in deep purple with rounded edges and 4k screen resolution and Harmon kardon speaker tech with fast charging 💜💜💜

  18. S C

    Oh and lighter phones

  19. S C

    Oh yeah and I prefer rounded edges 👍

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