Apple M2 MacBook Pro – 14” vs 16”

14″ and 16″ Apple M2 MacBook Pro with M2 Max. Comparing M2 Pro, M2 Max and 38 Core, 19 Core performance benchmarks.
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  1. Dave2D

    Feels like an eco round from Apple this year but solid gains for GPU hungry users

  2. Trevor Waters

    TSMC's delayed 3nm node limited Apple's options for improving performance this year, not just with M2 Macs but also with the A16. Within the past couple of weeks TSMC said that their main 3nm was back on track, so hopefully this/next year's products will have a noticeable performance improvement.

  3. Rishabh


  4. Jieren Zheng

    Hey thanks for the video, I was thinking if the M2 Max would be a worthy upgrade but seems like it isn't worth it. On top of video editing, I was wondering if the more GPU cores help with retro emulation. But guess will wait to see how other channels get to play with that aspect. That being said, too bad Apple doesn't allow us to overclock the M series chip. Considering how cool and power efficient the M1 series are. I feel we can overclock to push more wattage and reduce efficiency a bit more for more longevity+performance.

  5. venom5809

    Didn't Dave originally say he wasn't going to have any tables, now he has two? 🤔😂

  6. Zach Gardner

    2015 MBP owner, really glad that I waited. Will be getting a base model 14 inch pro, and that will do everything I could possibly need. Thanks for the quick update! Love this format.

  7. Juce

    Who else is watching this knowing full-well they won't get one because they have no money for it?

  8. Daniel Brown

    Skipping this on too. Looks like it is still not worth changing my M1 13" Pro too soon. (I just with I had another Terabyte…)

  9. SMH1

    Way to quick of a video ….

  10. johannes

    I already said it to myself: I’m waiting for M4 or M5 to upgrade.

  11. Boo

    Wow, i wish i can buy something like this to pursue my music career o_o, prolly feels good to be like you

  12. giotto primo

    uh are the battery life stats real? lol 1-2 hrs in heavy load and only 8 hours on normal use? Apple has already completely lost their advantage compared to AMD and Intel. Alder Lake and 6000 series equipped laptops from all the big OEMs are already pushing similar performance with MUCH better battery life time. Like 10-11 hours on normal use. Anyone praising M1/M2 after seeing this has lost their damn mind.

  13. Vishal Choudhari

    Did anyone notice this too, His camera couldn't focus on him during the entire video 😀

    Very crisp video though, right to the point.

  14. Maro Obatare

    Good video Dave, btw love your hoodie, where’d you get it 🙏🏾☺️

  15. Sairam Reddy

    This is why I like Dave's videos, short, informative and right on point. Thanks man.

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