Apple Mac Pro 2023 Release Date and Price – Spring LAUNCH!!

BIG NEWS! The NEW Mac Pro is coming with the NEW M2 ULTRA Inside and is set to have a SPRING LAUNCH!. Lets go over about what FEATURES and POWER we will get from the Mac Pro including and what other Apple Silicon Chipsets like the M2 Ultra we will we get inside the Mac Pro 2023 Model! We will also go over the initial facts of everything we know so far for everything to do with the latest Apple Mac Pro 2023 models!

💻 GET THE NEW M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max MACS HERE (Amazon Links)
M1 Pro/Max 14″ MacBook Pro;
M1 Pro/Max 16″ MacBook Pro;
M1 13″ MacBook Pro:
M1 13″ MacBook Air:
M1 Mac Mini:
M1 24″ iMac;

iPhone 13 Pro Max:
iPhone 13 Pro:
iPhone 13:
iPhone 13: Mini:
iPhone 12;

iPad Pro M1 12.9 (2021):
iPad Pro M1 11 (2021):
iPad Air:
iPad 9th Generation:
iPad Mini:

Laptop Stand:
Samsung 32” 4K Monitor:
Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSD:
Aukey USB-C Hub:
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard:
Apple Magic Mouse 2:
Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock:

Channel Site;

Special thanks for the concepts and footage from;
Matt Talks Tech; Most of these concepts are made by myself. Please seek permission for useage
Apple; Some shots form their keybnotes

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  1. Et Et

    @GIVEAWAY. Mac Studio and the MacBook Pro M2 14 inch are the two main products that I'm thinking of buying. Winning that 16gb MacBook Pro M1 would then make buying the Mac Studio simple!.

  2. Jamie Preston

    Considering how powerful the current MacBook Pro line up is, makes me wonder what insane the Mac Pro would be

  3. Alien Tech Head

    I have a feeling the new Mac Pro is not going to be as groundbreaking in performance compared to the rest of the lineup. I’m going to buy the M2 Mac Mini!

  4. d Nuts

    For this year I’m hoping to get either a iPhone 15 or hopefully if I win… an iPhone 14 🤞🏽

  5. Teddy Bacon

    I love my MacBook Air, but it can chug in the programs I use for my animation courses at school. I’d love to get a new M2 or even M1 Max MacBook Pro, just for that boost in performance. The portability doesn’t hurt either 😂

  6. Bryce Jacobson

    Looking to finally jump into the Apple Silicon family this year. What computer is that going to be, not sure on that yet. The M2 MacBook Air is super nice.

  7. Steve Wu Hang

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  8. Nelly Jane

    The Apple product I would love to own is the iPhone. I have always admired Apple as a company but unfortunately I don’t own any Apple product. I would love to own an iPhone 14 pro max as my next phone. It would be an awesome upgrade from the old wrecked android I’m currently using.
    Lovely content and channel you’ve got here!

  9. icy villain

    I'm super excited for the announcement of the apple vr. Also, if the apple vr ends up becoming a competitor to the meta quest 2, I can't wait to see what kind of new advancements come out of that competition between meta and apple.

  10. Legend Jasveen

    I am a student and I was thinking of getting a iPhone but a MacBook would also help me and hope you get to 500,000 subscribers soon

  11. Emmanuel Phiri

    Hey Matt! Am looking forward to getting the iPhone 14 this year. I find the dynamic island quite interesting.

  12. YvesG

    Oh no, they’ve gone into plaid. 😂 This machine will be so powerful, it’s mind blowing.

  13. Tangier Clarke

    I'm hoping to get an M2 Mac in 2023; maybe a Pro though, not a Max.

  14. TonyM9

    I’ve already updated a few items late last year and early this year so it will be awhile before I can update anything else. But on my list is a new MacBook. Which one I don’t know yet, but mine is over 8 years old and needing replacing. Of course, if I win one that would solve the problem of deciding which to get 😊

  15. Ahmed aboelnaga

    It’s the only mac with intel chip , it’s the lonely kid now that needs to blend into the gang 😂🫴

  16. Larry Lamb

    I am hoping to buy an ipad pro and a new iphone

  17. Aktywny Tata

    I'm planning to buy a Mac Mini M2 – that would be a significant upgrade to my late-2013 iMac… 🙂

  18. Steve Wu Hang

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  19. Alok Kumar

    I am looking to get MacBook Pro this year. As my old MacBook is from is 8 yrs old. New MacBook seems to be a must and worth upgrade.

  20. Larry Grandelf

    I’ve just invested in the Mac Studio with max M1 chip. If I were to buy new apples products it would probably be accessories such as AirPods or HomePod

  21. Ricky Wib

    Apple since using the M series chipset has surpassed all x86 CPU base by minimizing the use of cooling systems and the best integration between computer components and MacOS operating systems that makes computing performance great. I dream of getting a compact, fanless Apple Macbook Air to use in the office to streamline work time. Hopefully it can be owned soon in the near future. Hopefully this Channel can continue to grow with useful and good information. Stay healthy Matt.

  22. Soussherpa

    Where is the video with the winner of the giveaway?

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