Apple Vision Pro Review: Tomorrow’s Ideas… Today’s Tech!

Apple Vision Pro is a glimpse into the future… with today’s technology

Actually using Vision Pro:

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0:00 Intro
2:48 Immersiveness
6:35 Looking through glass
9:10 The Ecosystem
13:17 The Apps
16:06 The Comfort Issue
19:55 Eyes on the outside
21:40 So should you buy It?



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  1. @rob465

    I disagree, this isn’t the tech of the future. This is niche tech socially awkward people will shield behind but most will want to stay present in the world to interact with it.

  2. @Hggsa736

    I wouldn't say its' new or exciting. It's a glorified, bloody expensive Quest. Experiencing the real world through human eyes is pretty good, and i've heard the latency is decent too.

  3. Real comments being surpressed and screen children dont understand the problem with constant radiation on your face.

  4. @Usoppfables

    What's the difference between this and the Microsoft HoloLens that came out back in 2016?

  5. @alexh2262

    They should just make one as a full helmet. I could see this being very useful for manufacturing workers. Information from equipment they have to operate would pop up right in front of them. They could collect data without a bunch of paperwork. Someone get on that, so when I’m in charge of spending money for a big company, I can buy them.

  6. @Freedom-IXOYE

    BIG APPLE FLOP, no one, but the few fanboys are there are going to spend almost 4K on a VR headset on crack! Nothing really stands out, this VR “craze” is just a lackluster counterfeit of the real world and I stay in the real world, thank you! 🚞😰

  7. Two questions: 1) I wear glasses. Can I use it with them? 2) Do we see through the glass itself or what the screen will show?

  8. @ninjaboy191

    3:18 and ive seen enough…. Apple's refusal to up the refresh rate on any of their products is one of several staunch positions they dig themselves into a hole over. It is long past 90 Hz days, ive been using 144 Hz on an Index for years now and the strain on your eyes is nonexistent. Couple this issue with FOV, I really think it misses the mark of exceptional visuals, ykno, the most important part of strapping a dang headset to your eyes for?

  9. @peglegkangaroo

    please do a video after a couple months talking about your ideal vr Headset in the same vein as your dream smartphone video. using the technology that we have now what would you combine together to make the next next big thing?

  10. @H4GRlD

    Cheap price tag for getting people into Apple's vision of VR on their first gen product. kekw

  11. @user-kx3kv4zo3v

    Meta failed with this annoying headache making tech so as well apple will fail. We just won’t feel comfortable to have our senses blocked by this, they’re just cool in Disneyland 😆💀

  12. @HpToujoursPur

    My takeaway is that Apple is innovative on anything other than their damn phones.

  13. @gshenaut

    Can someone answer a question for me? I have a 5k secondary display. Apple docs say that the vision pro replaces the main mac display. In virtual mac mode, can you still use the mac's secondary display(s)? If so how much of the 5k display's resolution will be lost, viewed through vision pro?

  14. @TexRobNC

    I wonder if they have any framework built yet for things like scheduled programs. Imagine having your walk to work be curated by you, to have a news piece every 50 feet on a pane along your walk, or a business placing elements so that if you visit their business with the headset on, you see extra stuff.

  15. @Irvin_SP

    Companies are gonna start charging people for virtual court-side games 😭

  16. I’m not excited about any of this technology because is just a piece of hardware that will be outdated in 6 months it just a limited timed accomplishment that you will spend your money on just to have it sitting in a box till you sell it 3 years later for 1/4 of the price

  17. Holy moly! this is future.
    This will be Popular AF after 5 years
    (if it depreciating a lot)

  18. @Money247_com

    I returned it…
    Hate wearing heavy objects on my head
    Rather use my iPhone

  19. @nichad29

    Can you make a comp video with the quest 3. Curious to see whats your take on both side by side

  20. @BartoschWis

    Hey, a Mercedes is better than a Seat. Rocket science.

  21. After watching numerous videos on this thing I am still at a loss as to its purpose for normal people.
    What is its purpose????
    Why would a person need to spend $4,000 for this?
    A gamer? A party trick?
    *you can link your Mac to it. Why? Just look at your Mac which is right in front of you.
    What would be the purpose in spending $4,000 for this????

  22. @LCOF

    AR and VR devs most likely don’t think this is a toy. The ones I follow don’t and they’ve made it their primary device.
    But good on you for regurgitating some of the Verge’s insights. 👍🏽

  23. Imagine playing Pokemon Go in this …
    New experience it would be .
    Also games like Yu Gi Oh or like conducting virtual tournament in this …
    I mean with this it opens up to a lot of new ideas for other people while apple make this product better (just hope that they don't only change lenses with every upgrade but actually do upgrade it😅)

  24. @NotSense1

    Thanks for 70 subscribers😂
    Make it 80 pls 🥺

  25. @jaybuddhadev

    @mkbhd Can you put some footage of games that you have played on this device and how immersive the gameplay was on it?

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