Apple vs EU: Malicious Compliance or Overprotective?!

In this two-sided video, I debate myself in whether Apple’s new changes for the EU found in iOS 17.4 are pure malicious compliance or necessary to protect users. These changes will introduce sideloading in third-party app stores, new browser default options, and open-access to NFC. Where do you stand on all of it?

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:57 EU DMA background
1:48 Third-party app stores coming to iPhone
6:14 Default browsers & web engines
8:42 Default wallet & NFC access
10:16 Likely legal hurdles

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. @Duffster115

    I’m all in for Apple giving the middle finger to the Eu! I chose Apple because the way they run there devices and software that why I chose Apple over competitors, so bad word the eu for removing the reasons why I chose Apple I hope the EU takes back there dumb decision and let thing so back to what it will still be here in the USA, Excuse you dumb EU but we never asked for this bad nonsense go focus on actual problems you have!

  2. At the moment it seams that not the app delivering companies decide if they are part of Apple Car, but only Apple. Does this change then?

  3. @unkown34x33

    Honestly.. Eu should just ban apple all together. They will never learn. I don't care what apple users say! Been using android for about 5 years, privacy doesn't change, and they didn't need! To take a massive cut from the Devs. The only reason why you're think iPhones are more secure is because they hide better.

  4. @dabadeedabadaa

    I’m really, really tired of people saying “let us install what we want, if you don’t want to install then don’t install”

    Makes me feel like Albert Einstein, because apparently common sense is a super power that too many people lack.

    If a developer changes their app to only be available on a third party store, then it’s already affecting me as a consumer on the Apple App Store.

    “DoN’t InStALl ThEn”

    If I want the app and it’s now NOT on the App Store, then I can’t download it anymore. It’s not rocket science.

    Simplifying it to “don’t like it then don’t side load” is a garbage take that I see way too often, garbage take by garbage people. Oversimplification by a mile. Third party app stores affect the real App Store and anyone who doesn’t admit it are either dense or too stubborn to admit they’re wrong.

    And anyone who tries to draw comparisons to the Mac App Store, just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    The Mac App Store is a ghost town compared to the iOS/iPadOs App Stores, most apps that most people use are only available OUTSIDE the Mac App Store.

  5. Imagine Microsoft charging Valve 30% to let them install Windows games and demanding the right to check everything Valve publishes. Unbelievable!

  6. @Ongez

    Apple users are legitimately mentally disabled

  7. @Aether-Entropy

    It's malicious compliance. There's no reason a company should have to fork over 1 mil in addition to Apple taking profit from said 3rd party app stores. I can install any application on my macbook without issue, the same should be available for my iPhone, just as it is on every single other operating system on this planet.
    I should be able to download the IPA file and install it, without an app store at all.

  8. @MatzWerk

    I have never seen such a biased video in my life. Your video is the absolute proof that influencers shouldn't talk about software and the engineering behind it!

  9. @edensseven3524

    If I want sideloading, I can switch to Android. EU aka USSR 2.0 should stop doing over-regulation. EU is why innovations die in Europe.

  10. @unknownuser069

    The way I see it…

    3rd Party App stores have no motivation to be more secure than Android… i.e. not secure at all. In fact they often make money by violating security and privacy. We have consistently shown that companies only care about profits.

    The only concern most developers seeking to flee the Apple app store have is income: they do not want to pay Apple's fees.

    The other complaints are just fig leafs. They affect very few apps in truth. Mostly gambling and adult apps – but those get by fine with websites you can access through Safari.

    Part of the Apple brand is quality, security, and privacy. They consider this a main differentiator, and they believe these qualities of their product make them money.

    No one else's app store will have any interest in protecting Apple's brand or image. And they absolutely do not care about the user.

    So, is the 3rd party app store a bad thing? Not intrinsically. I am glad people have the choice … even if its just a choice to ruin their phones.

    I will not be using them until they have a track record of safety, privacy, and security.

    I don't expect this to impact their behavior at all- but I genuinely hope to be proven wrong.

  11. I want to write my masters dissertation on this topic. Does anyone here have a legal background and can help me formulate a research question? I‘m having difficulties with that

  12. @hvhvgitaar

    I am reading some comments here about the EU “dictating” things. The EU has a democratic mandate and they introduced this to balance the interests of citizens and those of business. That is their right.

    On the whole, this is a good thing. As much as I love Apple products and admire the company, as costumers we are paying a big premium for Apple’s monopoly. Apple’s profitability has been exceptional for decades and that’s not only because their products are amazing (which they are).
    Sure, the apps from other stores will perhaps be less efficient and secure, but iOS isn’t Fort Knox: spy apps such as the one from an Israeli company used by the Hungarian autocrat Orban are already running on iPhones across the world.
    In the end, nobody is forcing us to use third party AppStores. In fact, I won’t, because I am prepared to pay the Apple premium for peace of mind. But I prefer to have the choice.
    Apple has clever people. They will use this to boost their innovation.
    Good move by the EU. The rest of the world will follow…

  13. @cuttingcoffee

    I don't get what is all fuss about majority of people wanted this changes EU mandated it for the people. Well some people don't like the changes as always.

  14. @daledevernon56

    Outside of the EU especially in America I don't think this is going to be adopted at all apple users are to protective of their ecosystem.

  15. I use the Apple ecosystem BECAUSE of its “walled garden”. Keep your 3rd party off my iPhone. No means NO.

  16. @mavfan1

    It’s called “malicious compliance”.

  17. l wonder if we will know when am app switches to google or a different browser? scary. excellent review thank you

  18. @enripc

    I really I don’t like 3rd party apps, all this is going to be a disaster, the EU think that usb c was eco-friendly to use only one cabe the technology changes every 6 o 12 months.
    Now we have usb c cables 2 0r 3 different cables why all the other devices don’t use only one so what happened to use only one cable

  19. @ThomasEJohnson

    I would not use any 3rd party app stores. The control Apple maintains and the level of privacy it maintains for us users is one of the reasons I use Apple products. Apple should have refused to comply with the new EU rules and pulled support for all their products unless the EU also required that all players in the game must addapt Apple’s rules on security & data privacy and make them the universal standard.

  20. @steveno7058

    EU can’t innovate so they legislate. Its hilarious that these rules only apply to US companies. EU tech industry is decades behind, its sad

  21. @Icedbirdman

    Apple makes the iPhone. I trust Apple. I’m uninterested in all these EU forced changes.

  22. @BarbaryStudio

    Apple have destroyed it's own company when they introduce CSAM since ios 15, scanning of yournlibbary to finds some forbidden things isna huge problem for privacy, that is rfor me the reason I'm using a pixel 8 pro with graphne os and fold 5 for my work, im happy I'm living in the EU the tech giants don't are the law, we have a law what protects our privacy.

    The EU is the biggest market for Apple after China,

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