Apple Watch Series 9 & iPhone 15 – Major Updates & More!

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Apple Watch Series 9, iPhone 15, WWDC & Apple’s Headset – Latest Updates!

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. Jason

    You are at a niche zone of tech and should adjust your title because all you do revolves around phones. It's mobile tech you are into and not much else

  2. Roeung Ra

    Happy To See You Anytime Love You Forever ♾ !!! ❤❤🙏🏻

  3. L A

    iwatch needs more and better medical monitoring features. This is where the most untapped potential lies.

  4. E

    Major updates? NOT… but it’s not like it’s your fault. Apple? Well hopefully this headset is amazing

  5. Comrade OzzBug

    iPhone releases have gone from revolutionary, to evolutionary, to incremental and now insignificant. Case in point, according to some supposed leaks, the regular iPhone 15 is going to be a very boring update.

  6. Sam Finlayson

    No one actually cares about the headset do they… it’s still a gimmick, I can’t see anyone actually buying this on less than £70/80K a year and even then it’ll sit in a box after 6 months. Complete waste of all our time that thing.

  7. gusm

    Just watch the price on the new iPhones. I don’t want bigger screen than my 13 pro.


    Everyone will buy the vr headset even if was $10,000

  9. AggiePhil

    Just tell me about the next Apple Watch SE.

  10. Technology Man

    Man, why did I subscribe to this channel? If you don't like Apple, you get very little content. It should be called: "Zone of iPhone." Why would anyone be talking about iPhone 16, when the 15 is not even out yet?

    But, does anyone know what the monkey is singing at the end of the video? It sounds like it is saying "Do I" over and over, but that would make no sense.

  11. HardSam12

    no apple watch 9 it will be the apple watch X

  12. Alok Kumar

    But i heard there will be no series 9 they will straight go to watch x , like they did with iphone

  13. Nick Nayme

    What a treasuretrove of insights. My heart starts racing when thinking about Logic Pro in Virtual Reality!!

  14. gparizek156

    $300 for an app is ridiculous but so is $100 for a watch band .

  15. NotScared

    I just bought 2 months ago an apple watch 8 💀

  16. Utkarsh Sharma

    Please Apple, give us a foldable iPhone and gaming on Macbooks 😭

  17. LaMoNTSL!M

    Be a man and stop complaining about the size of these phones if you don’t like it don’t bother to buy it I’m glad they took a page out of Samsung book the bigger the better what you don’t like someone else will simple as that….

  18. Fermin Iturbide

    I really don’t see the point for Final Cut Pro for the iPad with a subscription based model when you have apps Like LumaFusion that’s a one time payment and keeps getting better and more features added on every major update, with buying the app and the their latest plug in that came with the latest major update, I’ve spent a grand total of $40USD on LumaFusion that’s a pro level app.

  19. ApplezToOranges

    I’ll buy 15 pro max if it has 4-5 hours battery gain like the 13 pro max did. If not I’ll hold it

  20. Mr. Luigi

    I never understood, or agreed with, Apple's decision in the past to have the iPhone Pro not have some of the camera features of the Pro Max. Do people with smaller hands not want advanced camera features? It's crazy and I hope Apple doesn't make a huge mistake and not give the 15 Pro all the cameras features of the 15 Pro Max.

  21. Leonardo Alexi

    I'm all for the 6.9" iPhone 16 Ultra/Pro Max! 6.9" seems to be the maximum display size that most major manufacturers are willing to target for non -foldable phones. Anything above that would be way too big, but 6.9" is the perfect largest size. Samsung Note20 Ultra had a 6.9" screen & it was amazing, but sadly the Note lineup was discontinued. Huawei attempted a 7.2" display – the largest non-foldable display on a smartphone that I know of – on the Mate 20X. That was a tad too big, and they never attempted it after that.

  22. Jacob Boucher

    Apple could also just drop widgets altogether… they failed on iOS why would they work on watchOS ?

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