Apple Watch Series 9 — The Biggest Update EVER!

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What will be the new Apple Watch Series 9? Should I buy them after the Apple presentation? In this video, I will tell you about everything that is currently known about the new Apple Watch Series 9! I am sure you will be surprised when you recognize the features of this watch! This has never happened before! If you were planning to buy a new watch in the near future, then take a closer look at the Apple Watch Series 9, because its capabilities may amaze you! So watch this video from beginning to end to find out if you should buy this watch from Apple!


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  1. Joan Alaniz

    I feel like Apple Watch should be able to pair to other devices like an iPad or a Mac, or maybe even android if anything.

  2. Rose Stines

    What about the Apple Watch ultra 2 will there one of those coming out too this year or next year? Thank you for the update on this I really appreciate it bc I want to get my mom n I Apple Watches this year or maybe next year bc we need them badly to count our steps n check my mom glucose levels too

  3. Got this video notification on my new Series 8… and there are no accidents 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Billy

    I'm Definitely looking forward for this!!

  5. Stephen Sartori

    I found your headline misleading. At least if you could have announced the rumour of a new / serious function then the headline would have been fair game.

  6. Gadget Martian

    Looking forward to the new upgrade! Thank you for your video!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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