Apple Watch Ultra Review: Worth It Or Nah?

The Apple Watch Ultra is $800, which makes it worth it only for a certain set of people…

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Watch provided by Apple for review.



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  1. bsfatboy

    Yeah, the battery would still be an issuer for a true exploration that takes multiple days.

  2. Whoda Kat

    Big watches are bad ass and 49 mm is not that huge.

  3. Jade Lee

    I love it, but haven’t worn it yet cause it’s not out in stores yet. 😅 For the battery life ->🔋❤and the siren sound 🚨

  4. Joel Pérez

    Looks beautiful, but 800!? I'll keep my I'll keep my gshock.

  5. Fishmark Holmes

    2:19 he means poor lazy people .
    2:27 he means rich lazy people .
    2:40 he means athletes people
    who yet don’t buy Apple Watch.

  6. Nonukez

    Did you really need to explicitly compare the battery life of a smartwatch to a normal Casio watch…? Just confused about the point of that. Of course a smart watch’s battery is nowhere close to a stopwatch.
    Water, wet

  7. Okay but what does this do that my series 3 can’t? Like should I upgrade or wait? I got my series 3 for free thru a promo with Verizon years ago now and I love this watch. It’s just as good as the day I bought it.

  8. J R


  9. PKTV

    this is no fair why are these Americans getting the product before release? why can't we go back to the old Apple when everyone had fair game and had it BEFORE these americans have it.

  10. César Vargas

    Obsessed with this watch and trying to find many reasons to justify the purchase.

  11. SHIV

    it's right ABOVE the like button now marques!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jagged637

    Lego bonsai tree top 5 Lego set. All their floral sets are just perfect

  13. Jeremy Amonge

    Hey mkbhd, you forgot to put this video downloadable to watch later

  14. NAMAN

    heyyyy yoooo who that MF EDITOR….FUCKING AMAZING JOB MANNNNN

  15. austin kha

    As someone who just uses it for time and Siri my series 3 does real well.

  16. jeremy miller

    This is the Apple Watch that people travel
    Internationally need…that battery life is great

  17. Daniel Rocha

    I'm a hiker and a diver (and admittedly a casual apple fanboy) and I have not been as excited for a piece of tech in such a long time. It isn't a replacement for the highest end equipment out there, but it does everything I need and lets me take my daily wear apple watch places I wasn't able to before.

  18. T

    That is an awesome idea if it is solar power because if disastrous hit you will need enough battery power before the emergency crew can find you.

  19. Ahmed Hassaine

    Has anyone noticed the boxes in the background, I'm sorry I mean the blocks aka apple watches Ultra, nice touch, Marques.

  20. vigilante351

    No – not worth the money. Will be out of date in no time, when there are devices around just as good for half the price

  21. Alex Hndr

    > Sapphire Screen

    JerryRigEverything: BET

  22. Martin Lambev

    No one is talking about the battery life, that's the deal breaker in my case. Don't want to have ti charge a watch too every other day. Better off sticking with android smart watch (2 weeks battery life) or Garmin (3 to 4 weeks).

  23. valerije

    What kind of car do you drive that has that huge display?

  24. B F

    By calling it "Ultra" they boxed them into the Ultra state. Pro is not above Ultra. They are boxed in because what is past Ultra?

  25. Panzer Grom

    no matter how good it is, when I go for a weekend camping it takes more than 36 hours so to me it's just an useless weight on my wrist. It's still a toy for a walk in the local park.
    and yes, there are many watches like Garmin on the market that are very functional with a decent battery life

  26. GM Ace

    My wrist most definitely does not seem like it's big enough for this watch lol. I'm not a fan of big watches. I was pretty happy with the Apple watch series 3 I used to have since it did most of everything I needed it to but unfortunately it didn't survive when I took a spill on my motorcycle. I'm hoping if I can get a new watch that it just does most of what the series 3 did and lasts a long time (doesn't slow down) since it's hard to upgrade where I'm at.

  27. Cal's Vlogs

    I kept on thinking the new Apple Watch is called the Apple Watch Ultimate 😆

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