Apple Watch Ultra – Which Band Is Best?

Apple Watch Ultra is all new and has Apple Brands specifically made for the Ultra. In this video I help you decide which Apple Watch Ultra Band is best with the Alpine Loop Band, Ocean Band and Trail Loop. We also take a look at normal Apple Watch bands and a Titanium Nomad band as well.

Which Apple Watch Ultra Band is your favorite?

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Apple Watch Ultra –
Trail Loop –
Alpine Loop –
Ocean Band –

00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Price
01:00 – Trail Loop
02:08 – Alpine Loop
03:35 – Ocean Band
05:13 – Which Ultra Band Should You Buy?
05:47 – Normal Apple Watch Bands
06:19 – Titanium Watch Band
07:34 – Conclusion

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  1. zollotech

    What watch and watch band do you use? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. David Ball

    At the price of the apple ones they can stay on the shelf. I thankfully like the ocean one that came with my ultra.


    I’ve had my iPhone 11 for a little over a year and the batter health is at 98% is that good? I’m a HEAVY user 📱

  4. L Nielsen

    I have all the new ultra bands… and the alpine loop for me is the most comfortable and keeps the watch steady when running. Next the ocean band is close to comfort like the alpine loop. The trail loop is the least comfortable and less sturdy. The watch moves too much while running with the trail loop and have to over tighten it for it to work well and then it’s too tight.

  5. Will Doug

    i find after few hours the Alpine band gets uncomfortable most comfy ones is ocean band and trail loop

  6. Brendon Hope

    I’ve got the trail loop, I’m switching to the ocean band so I can keep it on in the shower without being concerned about the band staying wet.

  7. Chris Wolf

    Indeed something about the trail loop is really comfortable and basically unnoticeable compared to most bands. I choose the trail loop with my purchase. I had to break down and get the Alpine loop the other day and like that one as well. All and all I do like em more than the ones you can buy off Amazon as the quality is really better. Now I will have to get the ocean band for them rainy or workout days since the other two’s materials are kinda noticeable when sweaty or after washing hands and get water on them. I know one thing for sure,, I really like the Ultra better than my series 7 and never turning back lol. Thanks again for another great description and thorough video.

  8. phillychuck

    Been using the trail loop since Oct, love how it feels but the orange tab is what drags on the desk and gets disgustingly dirty and doesn't really clean up back to orange for me.

  9. Doug Blomgren

    I bought the watch with the Green Alpine Loop and then Ordered the Orange Alpine Loop.

  10. iCjay

    I just want a glow in the dark band

  11. Leo Akkas

    I use Official Apple black color leather link 45mm and works perfectly. I also have this band in umber as well.

  12. Matt Mills

    I bought a copycat alpine loop band from Amazon for 20 bucks and it’s one of my favorite bands I’ve ever used. Super comfortable

  13. Jimmy Fish

    I brought the ocean band as it doesn’t soak up sweat and is easily washable and instantly dry and therefore a benefit over the other bands that do soak up moisture. Great content . I’ve been a subscriber for years now. Stewart from England

  14. Ya boi Ronaldo

    The watch sitting so loosely on your wrist gives me anxiety hahaha

  15. Sophie macquet

    Why do you wear your watch at the very end of your wrist 🥲. That’s not how it’s done lol

  16. This is great. Could you tell exactly please which previous apple band fits the Ultra?
    I want to buy but they don't allow us to fit, so I fear it goes to the wrong version.

    I am interested with the titanium band as well. Would you provide the link please?

    Can they ship internationally please? (South Africa)

  17. Jay White

    I’m absolutely looking forward to getting my Apple Watch ultra in about six weeks

  18. Jay White

    Im getting the yellow once band with my Apple Watch Ultra in 6 weeks 😎⌚️

  19. LordAlucar01

    i picked up alpine loop 49mm green large size and it barely fits my hand i can use it up to 2nd tightest spot, i also ordered off amazon 2 orther brands that aren't apple official, one full metalic green and one loop green along with imac green support/hud stand, i use apple watch s7 green 45mm and im going for green theme, my iphone is 13 pro max alpine green, i have airpods max green, and next year i will get imac 2021 green, i also use accesories but so far airpods pro and magsafe battery pack and 2 apple leather wallets ink and dark cherry(also dark cherry leather case), ill upgrade my airpods pro when my start degrading they are fairly new and i use them only when im having free time outside or for sleeping.

  20. ShinyPartsUp

    I bought my Ultra 3 weeks ago and got it with the black/gray large trail loop band like in the video. I bought a couple others and had a collection from my 45MM watch like Milanese bands. I have never even tried another band as it is so comfortable. Milanese bands were my go to bands for a couple years. The trail loop has some stretch as well to get on and off a big hand. The only downside I have seen with daily use is the attachment point on the orange cloth tab rubs on tables etc. and is dirty. But otherwise the best, most comfortable band on any watch I have worn in 50 years of wearing watches.

  21. jamison korando

    What? The L/XL trail loop in black/grey with orange tab is available for delivery TOMORROW everywhere with pickup today at my Apple Store.
    How is it hard to get ahold of again? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. I I

    Link to Titanium band?

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