Apple’s Controversial 8GB RAM Decision Explained!

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0:00 – Hey it’s Chris!
0:52 – What does RAM matter in the first place?
1:52 – The desk analogy (ELI5)
3:59 – The juggling analogy
4:59 – Why people are mad
5:42 – How Apple’s RAM really is different
7:08 – Apple’s official RAM guidelines
8:03 – Adobe’s official guidelines
9:02 – So… whose right then?
10:23 – RAM and future proofing


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  1. Python Antole

    I fell for that ruse and bought an 8GB MacBook Air, now i regret that decision. In hindsight i should have gone for 16GB.

  2. Amoah Paul

    8gig RAM is awful. If you are a designer you will never love it.

  3. Gerard Rosales

    11:11 while it's true that newer RAM today is much more technologically efficient, the demand of applications have also exponentially increased as software gets more advanced and gets more complex.

    i have a 16GB M1 MBA that i got a few months after release, and while i do not regularly get slowdowns in my pretty basic browsing + consuming content online workflow, even using Safari, which is a first party app that is much more efficient than the competition, i still use an absurd amount of swap which will occasionally cause the rainbow spinning wheel to appear.

  4. Todd Hathaway

    Still 8 GB for a pro? If 8 GB is right for you then get the Air.

  5. Jessica Schwartz

    Chris are you using Freeform to do your explanations? This and the M3 breakdown were hand down the best on the internet. Keep up the great work!!!

  6. 8GB is unacceptable! Don’t justify it like every YouTuber is doing rn.
    Yes Apple uses memory more efficiently which is why 16GB or even 12GB would be like having 32GB on a PC (not really but like same feeling). Which is just enough for normal people using word and some chrome tabs. But 8 is not like 16 because IT IS JUST NOT ENOUGH for basic tasks and slow down the system by a lot.
    Yes normal people don’t really feel it and its really fast memory and the SSD is fast so it swaps verry fast so yess 8GB is usable at the moment I know and I understand. But if the iPhone has 8GB of unified memory/RAM then a macbook or even iPad really shoud have more

  7. Stacyjl3

    This is a very expensive risk to take with a machine that is not user upgradeable.

  8. Josh perez

    I think now the probloblem is label it as MacBook PRO with m3 PRO with 8gb of ram and call that 8 gb of ram for a light user while still calling it pro

  9. Josh perez

    this video make felt back to school xD, I think you could be a good teacher

  10. Steve S

    I love the fact that everybody in the comment sections of these videos are professional, video editor, directors, pro-musicians and of course content creators 🤮. They can’t even do noise cancellation or corrections on photos on their own. What they know is how to handle FinalCut on a very basic level and that turns them to pros.. LOL.

  11. Diuran

    Yea explained and still it's a bullshit, that's it. There isn't an efficient RAM if you cant run more apps, it's only more RAM while using a lot of apps in background and use so many tabs when web-browsing or do other more demanding tasks.

  12. Matt Mullan

    thanks for this! it would be neat to learn more about this in the context of base M3 vs M3 Pro

  13. Thiago Castor

    Another great video! Thanks. That answers my twitter question.

  14. Think Process

    Memori is memory.and code is code. Apple memory is faster buecause it is on chip and can be managed better. It still has to be swopped with the SSD and the superior performance of UM is dependent on their SSD speeds hence their fast SSD speeds. The fact that their 8 gig is not only for the CPU but also for the GPU negates any advantage it may have because of better management imo

  15. Frank

    The most misleading part is not 8GB of RAM but the name "PRO" for the machine. They should have label the base MBP as MacBook Air Premium instead.

  16. John Gilsfeldt

    I had a MAC with i9 processor and 16GB Ram and I had never issues with performance in Excel/Numbers. Now I have an M2 with 8GB Ram and run the same Excel/numbers sheets and the program "CleanMyMac" tells me, that I ran out of memory. So it is definitely a problem for me.

  17. Rivenworld

    8 Gig like 16 Gig, yeah right… and the band played on… And memory compression is nothing new… Just an excuse for Apple to rip off their customers…

  18. Eric Mioulet

    If you need more than 8gb, you want a pro or a max chip.

  19. Karl Williams

    Apple = Greed and Avarice
    No matter how you rap the package it’s just typical Apple

  20. P. Wingert

    I would never buy any machine with less than 16Gb of RAM. Simply because of potential future needs and required headroom.

  21. Aurovrata Venet

    If you work on a workbench and not on a desk then you're screwed and probably need to buy a Dell instead of a Mac ….

  22. CED. ☕️

    I love the unified memory analogy. NIcely concise and simple walkthrough. Thanks, Chris!

  23. Maicho Lor

    Doesn’t matter how you (Apple) defends it, it’s indefensible when it’s been proven (on their latest MacBook Pros) the 8GB is way way WAYYYYYYY inferior to the 16 on everyday real life tasks like rendering! It’s fully justified customers are furious, and it’s way past time they stopped the blatant greed like don’t know why MacBook sales are plummeting!!!

  24. It is a rip-off indeed. You should have 32 gb of ram for better emulation!

  25. Jav Jav

    This is one of your best videos. I hope you can produce more videos like this in the future.
    The base model is for the casual user. There isn't a power user who would consider the base model.
    There are more than enough casual users out there perfectly content with NOT spending the $200 for an upgraded RAM

  26. Bảo Phan

    Don't trust Apple's justification on 8GB. It swaps with your SSD for more storage -> SSD lifespan decreases quicker -> you will replace your SSD sooner -> quicker for Apple to get your money.

    The BASE model with 8GB might be suitable for students or media consumption with not many tabs open, but not for suitable even for long-hour office works.

  27. Nzn

    This conversation is so tiring as some one who edits 4k vids on the M1 Pro i’m sure I could get my work done on th base air no prob. It’s really just us nerds shouting at each other about numbers on a spec sheet

  28. Mr. Berry

    8GB is still 8GB of RAM. Very similar argument were made with SSD vs HDD. Same space, but more efficient with SSD.

    I would never promote 8GB of RAM for professional use to someone serious about their career.

  29. Parker R

    My M1 Mini has 8GB of ram and I don't see any reason why you would need more. Never slows down at all.

  30. Alb

    From a marketing perspective it would serve Apple well to offer 16gb rather than trying to justify 8gb with a rationale most people aren’t interested in digesting.

  31. Joe

    Great explanation of what RAM is. I’d argue if you’re using a 8GB MacBook Pro, just go with the MacBook Air. You don’t need a MacBook Pro. Get an Air.

  32. Ashley Gill

    $1600 for a Mac makes apples phones look like a real rip off when the top end phones are about that price too

  33. SebasSant87

    there is not such thing as "apple RAM" , that's very misleading. If that was equivalent the 8Gb model could do video editing which is not the case, I've seen it first hand. Checking with some people I personally know in the industry about the "Pro users" they all disencourage the use of apple as a platform overall. Apple never specifies if the RAM they use is DDR4 or DDR5 equivalent, and gaslight customers with vague graphics about performance. And that's besides of the cost of the ROM memory, it's just ridiculous.

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