Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max chips finally arrive for MacBook Pro and Mac mini

As rumored, Apple has unveiled its new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips that will arrive very soon in new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini computers. The new models will be up to 40 percent faster and offer superior battery life — and if you’re keen to get one, they’re now available to order with shipping set to start next week.

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. JUICEbaseball

    Apple and their CCP slave camps appreciate all your support!

  2. Silvio Šarunić

    so idiotic video. all you did is just copy paste fucking apple event!!!!

  3. Louis Martini

    I see 4 USB-C ports on the back of the Mac Mini. Are only 2 of them Thunderbolt 4 ports?

  4. James Choe

    Great machines, but even going back to M1 Pro/Max/Ultra, they provide more horsepower than most people will ever fully utilize.

  5. MisterFunn

    I was hoping the chip would be 3nm. Guess I'll wait another year.

  6. worthlessGuy

    Can skip this if you have m1 series and you are not a media editor.

  7. YacozA

    1:02 "Up from 34 on the old M1 Max" believe you mean 32

  8. Shafii Mohamed

    I use a MacBook Pro m1, all these hype but the functionality is barely noticeable, with steep prices makes no sense tbf

  9. fluxx

    Still no MST support for dual displays on usb-c docking 😢

  10. kenny sponto

    Wow!¡ 🐂💩!!! Hideously over priced!! The riot fee $1,000.00 per laptop fee to keep foxconn from another meltdown?

  11. Hey apple tim cook did you forget about the chinese workers compensation ?? You treat them like slaves

  12. javiej

    I'm not impressed, they keep repeating the same nonsense about photoshop, 4k and video editing, as it those were difficult tasks for a computer. Well that was true 20 years ago, but nowadays ANY average windows laptop of any brand can easily edit video and use Photoshop, and even have better OLED screens . Difficult tasks are others like 3D rendering, machine learning, VR, AAA games, etc., which are tasks that Apple computers suck. Now getting a 20% performance in M2 generation is nothing when Intel got 200% and Nvidia 400% advances.

  13. Bean Stalker

    I'm not a fan of apple, but I have to give it to them. The M1 was insane, these new ones are outrageous and it's going to get better when they release the Mac Pro.

  14. E Witak

    Mehhh it’s 5nm. Talk to me at 3nm. More power efficient more power…. More heat… more throttle.

  15. YouWatchers

    I'm comparing this with 2023 Asus ROG lineup. Man… I'm more tilted to ROG. That thing packed with RTX 4090!

  16. yungdadi

    Is the M2 Max better than the M1 Ultra?

  17. StayPeace

    All power but can’t even play crysis (without any modding the os whatsoever)🤭


    Is there M2 MacBook Pro max 14inch
    If it’s there why they didn’t talk I assume that to make review…! If it’s possible…!

  19. Kyle R

    Good to see but not too surprised. Since Apple is producing their own chips, sticking them inside everything else they produce is a lot easier/cheaper than the old Intel days

  20. Jamie Coats

    When I looked on the website, I noticed that the M2 Max only has one encoder and decoder right as the old M1 Max has two of each decoders. Any thoughts, am I missing something, because I'm assuming it would actually be not as good as video, editing and so on?

  21. Journey Stand

    Hopefully they fixed the battery issue with battery health dropping so much within a year of ownership.

  22. Jay

    Let me guess 2-3x more powerful?

  23. Rob700

    Apple as always running after what is already standard in other systems. Offering with the M2 Pro to use three external screens but still with low refresh rate and finally HDMI 2.1. And all this for such high prices. 🙄

  24. RYJK

    just a question if you are reading letter by letter from Apple keynote, why people's watching this video….why am I watching it

  25. K1RTB

    Is everyone a content creator nowadays? I mostly browse the web and create some word or excel documents.

  26. Jeffrey Snyder

    They should be good. It is the only innovative thing apple has.

  27. Vespellatio

    The commercial where "Apple" shows the Chip is pretty smart, also sneaking in their headphones (earbuds), to show that "even proffesionals" use them. While I don't trust it for audio critical work they do, done the commercial smart.

  28. Koo Joon

    Doesn't need to get faster, needs to get cheaper.

  29. Walter Austin R

    How’s it’s rendering capabilities? M2 Max has to do the trick.

  30. biv05

    Apple even launches new colour
    You tube will go crack

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