Apple’s NEW MacBooks for 2018 – My Predictions!

Apple’s upcoming MacBook lineup for 2018 looks pretty awesome with a new MacBook Air and a refresh to the best MacBook on the market – The MacBook Pro
Marble MacBook –
Marble Laptop Skins –

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm most interested to see that new $900 MacBook Air. Their entry level laptop is in bad need of a refresh! Thanks for watching =)

  2. Alan. ATB

    Hej Dave, do you know when Apple is going to launch new MacBook pros? So far nothing new on the hardware only the new apps etc.

  3. Khan J

    this laptopsis very good but i don'thave a money

  4. Datboi123

    I need a MacBook for school this August, should I just buy one or will these be out in time.

  5. mi na

    it's July and I've no idea if I should keep on waiting or just get me a macbook air ))))))):

  6. K.C

    I am gonna buy a macbook, need one for uni. Should I wait until September ?

  7. Kraig Smith

    it sucks 3000 for a computer that has obvious and major flaws! regret buying it

  8. y1git

    woowow, he was right about that base model 13mbp didnt get a refresh this year

  9. Pranab Khadka

    The 2015 13" MacBook Pro should just be called the MacBook Air 2018 and the price should be around £800. That there would be fucking amazing. Meets all my needs. Retina display…with ports too! Brilliant.

  10. Tom N.

    Hope it will be less then 1000$ CAD

  11. James Isherwood

    The current Macbook should have been the air replacement; the MacBook Pro without touchbar should have been the Macbook and the touchbar should be in all pro models… There you go Apple, I fixed your naming problem!

  12. mhn farmer

    you were kinda right but way offfffffffff with some predictions!

  13. Assad Nawab

    June, hmmmm. Well I don't see and MacBook air refresh, and its October now…

  14. Patrick

    The way hes wearing is watch is killing meee

  15. chrisak49

    Here we are 2019 and all of your predictions were wrong 😅😅

  16. Chloe Mcholoe

    I'm watching this in 2019 and laughing.
    900$ price tag! yuppppppppppppppppppppp
    1200$ starting for 128gb!

    everything is so wrong

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