Apple’s Voice-Learning AI: Accessibility Enters the Chat

Apple previewed AI features rolling out later this year that include being able to have the iPhone speak in your voice. It’s designed to assist people living with disabilities. CNET’s Bridget Carey takes a look at how this twist on AI can change lives.

Apple Previews a Ton of New Accessibility Features Ahead of WWDC:

0:00 Apple’s New AI-Enhanced Accessibility Tools
0:48 AI For Good, Not Evil
2:45 Personal Voice and Live Speech
3:37 Detection Mode in Magnifier
4:20 Assistive Access Tools
4:46 First-hand Impressions of Accessibility Demos
8:02 Will Apple Show More AI Tools at WWDC?

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  1. Richard Servello

    All of this is going to be crucial to an AR future. This stuff is awesome. I love that Apple is always upping their accessibility game. Samsung loves adding cool. Apple adds useful.

  2. Richard Servello

    Amazing that these terrible politicians ONLY think about how things will affect them. Forget people with disabilities…someone might fake my voice!!!

  3. Richard Servello

    Ummm, maybe because it isn't actually AI…it's machine learning. That's not an apple term…it's an appropriate term. It's the tech illiterate wink that call it AI.

  4. BlueCarbon

    Does anybody else have good voice days and bad voice days?

  5. Cedric Moore

    Great Video! Very interesting look at the positive side of what AI can do if used for good. Also, Thanks Bridgette Carey!

  6. NineOneOneFx

    Thank you CNET for giving me more Bridget, more often!

  7. Joe Baron

    I'll admit, I'll miss the old school generic MC Hawkins voice when it's gone—it's part of what made Stephen Hawkins such a distinctive stand out celeb!—but that's just because it's what I'm used to I guess; no doubt this tech will be fantastic for so many. And I don't mean to be disrespectful in my remarks: the strange thing is, there's something most telling about the choice of words, rather than the sound of them, that makes you know that the person inside is really talking. Christopher Reeve, again, is another personal hero of mine that also used the classic MC Hawkins voice. But regardless, he was still always the guy that said "I like pink very much Lois" as Superman, and clumsily bumped into doors and pushed up his glasses so he could see properly as Clarke Kent. Ironically, even though he will always be my Superman, he became a real Superman after the accident—the sound of his voice was actually the least important component of him being "Still Me". Whilst continued investment in scientific research is paramount for disability, the acceptance of disability/being different is really for people to bridge the gap on mass via perception and understanding, not for machines to try to "make normal". At least that's my opinion anyway. But don't get me wrong: this is fantastic for a great many people. The scariest thing about AI to me is—when it gets more advanced (so by next week then…)—it will be able to make you fall in love with a person simply by working out their language patterns and your desires; after which adding the voice on top then just becomes the final deception. There was an episode of The Outer Limits (90s version) where Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) fell foul to this and was manipulated by the machine he created, to kill the one he loved, even though he though the was using the machine to save her instead!

  8. [GD] [GD]

    Please AI voice translations recording the iPhone background audio like Shazam please

  9. Paul

    We have allowed ourselves to become enslaved to tech. Apple slaves, Google slaves…..we all be slaves.

  10. ENOQ

    typical apple. android does it first then they jump on board

  11. MrSteeveAustin

    Another example of apple doing things the right way. They think about impact before they release something.


    AI and Machine Learning is not the same. This host needs to be educated!

  13. AA5SA

    I hope that Apple adds external camera support to magnifier. I’d love to have the features of the OrCam without having to pay $3,000 for it.

  14. 平和

    Sometimes they do something good and help to improve people's lives.

    Other times they want to show off how good they are at greenwashing and design their products to be very hard if not impossible to repair.

  15. Shane Estep

    Wish they would just make Siri better. I switched to apple 1 year ago and it’s so far behind

  16. BryceLovesTech

    I’m a huge apple fan but you Gotta be kidding me Siri has been a joke for a decade and now they think they can do AI. How about you fix Siri first Apple

  17. RiGo

    I wish I had something like this before my mom passed away. Since my sons were born years after her passing they'll never know the sound of the nagging I would get growing up that makes me sad everyday 🥲.

  18. Russell

    Carton of milk expired 11/10/22. By now it’s basically yoghurt.

  19. kmannewyork

    As I will you, can you blind person I like the features for the blind. Especially since I am loosing the tiny bit of central vision that I only have in my left eye. 9:01

  20. B;7o6

    Honestly this is all perfect fit for AR glasses

  21. jojorp84

    Students are the clear winners when it come to AI 😂 No one likes term papers

  22. Scout Storm

    It's easy to hate on Apple. I do it myself often. But I admit that Apple and Accessibility have been paired for as long as I remember – way back to the original iMac. I applaud them for always being so far ahead of anyone else when it comes to accessibility. Kudos to Apple, and also to Bridget for always being so friggin' adorable!

  23. Was in the newspaper today (UK – Daily Mail) that BT (British Telecom) will replace 10K customer service jobs with AI in the next 7 years. Be careful what you wish for.

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