Are 144Hz Monitors Worth It For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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So is a 144Hz monitor actually worth it or is it a gimmick? Why do all competitive gamers use a 144Hz or a 240Hz monitor and will it improve your gameplay?

Keep watching to find out if a 144Hz monitor is something that you should get and why.

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0:41 What Are Refresh Rates?
1:18 Advantages of 144Hz Monitors
2:05 Disadvantages of 144Hz Monitors
3:44 Conclusion


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  1. HellaCrispy

    Lowkey my graphics card can reach 320-420 FPS but I have a fucking 70 hz moniter 😂 there just so expensive

  2. Boa Boa

    Not even an RTX 2080TI can run all triple a games at 144hz. But it really is a big advantage in competitive games.

  3. EnzoGotClout

    im bottle necking my pc with my monitor i run 240fps on pretty much every game with a 60hz monitor lmao

  4. Martin Henry

    I think the 144hz is an overrated feature.
    Sure it's noticeably smoother than 60hz.
    But in multiplayer games, once you've reached 60 steady fps, you are at 16ms(frame delay @60fps) + 200ms(average human reflex time) = 216ms delay. If you go up to 144fps, it will only improve that to 207ms.
    And having -9ms delay will have no impact in most situations, simply because your aiming skills, the way you move, the decisions you make, your game knowledge, your ability to read game informations and predict actions… are definitely what you're going to struggle a lot more with. Not to mention that if you don't have very fast and precise aiming skills, you will not be able to take any benefit from it neither.
    So even at 2k fps, you'd still be beaten by the same guys, some of them casually running at a humble 40fps, simply because you're not good enough to take advantage of it.
    Even on the pro scene, the cases where you can confidently tell that 144fps did actually make the difference between life and death compared to 60fps are at the very best 5%… But you may retort that on the pro scene, 5% is a lot. Yes indeed. On the pro scene it is.
    Now just look at some amazing Quake / Unreal plays from the 2k years, you'll see that there is litterally nothing a 60hz isn't capable of.
    So my advice would be :
    If you're playing beyond diamond league in fps games, then it may be worth buying a 144hz monitor.
    If what you want is the smoothest experience in games and absolutely don't care about color quality, sure it's worth it, provided your GPU can display at least 144fps in the actual game you're playing.
    However, if you want a well balanced monitor, with good color quality AND an already very good gaming experience on a budget, i would advise not to go for it, and to invest in a good 60hz instead.
    Because what really sucks with 144hz monitors is : color. Oh my, how poor colors they have. Unless you're wanting to put 4 times the price.

  5. TrapZoidX

    Hy i have a question so if i have an rtx 2080 super and a ryzen 5 3600x is it more worth it to buy a 144hz or a 240hz?

  6. Rayan Rashid

    So if I have a rx 580 that gives me 80-110 fps if I get a 144hz monitor I will have 144

  7. Slyfe

    damn i wanna get it but. i wanna upgrad my gpu first :/

  8. kangaroo5000

    Right now I have a really old working monitor with about 40hz and a pixel error. Should I get a new one? My budget is about 350$

  9. imdisturbeddd

    I don’t know what to do first. Should I upgrade my monitor (60hz) to a 144hz monitor or upgrade my ram (I only have 8GB single channel). I’m deciding to either do only one because I also want to buy Modern Warfare but I don’t have enough for all three.

  10. 144hz is definetely worth it. 240 and 360hz on the other hand, not so much.

  11. Nardo nali

    My graphic card is Geforce 1050Ti is this worth it to buy 144hz? Thanks 🙂

  12. Unruly

    My friend selling me it for £50

  13. Luffy-Taro

    pov u dont have enough money to get a 144hz monitor and ur close to the budget u need to buy one

  14. Wavy Dane

    for competitive gaming, yes, for anything else, no

  15. Eli The1

    Before the video Even starts of course if you enjoy graphics

  16. slimm

    It's 100% worth it depending on the games you play and how powerful your pc is.

  17. KatimaGaming

    5900x RTX3080 and I rarely hit 100frames anyways. So yeah think of your hardware first.

  18. Devon

    I just ordered a 144hz 4ms 1930 Monitor

  19. ocenaldo

    buy 144hz monitor but the games i want to play are capped at 60fps 🤡🤡🤡

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