Are Lexar SSDs Any Good? – NM790, NM710, NM620 Review

Testing the Lexar NM790, NM710 and NM620 – Get yours here: (affiliate)
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Are Bigger SSDs Faster? –

Some other SSDs in this comparison: (affiliate links)
Crucial P3 Plus –
Crucial P5 Plus –
Crucial T500 –
Crucial T700 –
Corsair MP700 –
Corsair MP700 Pro –
Corsair MP600 PRO LPX –
Gigabyte Aorus 10000 –
Kingston NV2 –
Kingston KC3000 –
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Samsung 980 –
Samsung 990 EVO –
Samsung 990 PRO –
WD Blue SN580 –
WD Black SN770 –
WD Black SN850x –

Heatsink tips for non-heatsinked SSDs: (affiliate links)
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For PC & PS5 – Europe – be quiet! MC1 Heatsink (~€11)

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0:00​ – Introduction
0:24 – Lexar NM790 Overview & Specs
1:44 – Lexar NM710 Overview & Specs
2:20 – Lexar NM620 Overview & Specs
3:30 – Performance in Light Use
4:37​ – Performance in Heavier Use (OS Drive, Video Editors, etc)
5:42 – Performance in Extreme Use (Consistency Test)
6:40 – Gaming Performance
7:28 – Techtesters SSD Gaming Performance Ranking
7:57 – Sequential Performance
8:30 – Advice For Playstation 5 Buyers.
8:52 – Thermal Performance
9:20 – Pricing & Final Thoughts
11:50 – Sponsor Spot
12:21 – Outro

– This product was provided by Lexar for the purpose of testing. As per my own guidelines, they don’t get any say about anything in this video or any of my other reviews. It’s not sponsored by them, they also didn’t get to preview this video beforehand, or any other nonsense like that. My reviews reflect my own views, nothing more, nothing less.
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  1. @sylvie-ib8jl

    Cette conversation témoigne du pouvoir transformateur du dialogue. Elle a le potentiel de façonner les esprits et les perspectives.💚

  2. @user-wq9mw2xz3j

    Got one (nm620, 1tb) really cheap during last black friday. Now its out of stock and any other 1tb m.2 costs 3x the price xd. Haven't used it much but better than a good old sata and super great for the low price. I regret not getting a 2tb which is like $60-70 with 25% tax, now they cost 3x too.

  3. wow what great timing I was just watching your 990 evo video looking for a good ssd to get

  4. I like the crucial P3, I'm reasonably confident the quality is high, and the price generally is not anything of note higher than less well regarded brands

  5. @ivanlimzg

    I have the 620, thinking of getting the 790 but my mobo is only PCIE3:(

  6. @CraftBeerTastic

    I love how you call out these manufacturers for their shady practices of changing product components but not modifying product annotation. PC hardware manufacturers need some accountability in that regard… And just don't add the current calendar year to the packaging (Corsair). Cheers!

  7. @gojiplusone

    Lexar NM790 4TB + M.2 enclosure looks like a promising options if you're looking for compact external drive with large capacity (about EUR 40 cheaper than Sandisk Extreme Pro V2 in my region).

  8. @crobar1

    The crucial T500 looks good on your graphs

  9. @volskygge10

    Ahhh I remember commenting about this a week ago or so! Thank you for the in depth review as always Nada!!

  10. @djoetma

    I have two slots and both are taken by M2 SSD's. So what would be the solution if I don't want to upgrade those (it's a pain to transfer data, and I only need some extra storage for pictures and videos), are 2,5" SSD's still a good option? Or should I stay away from them for some reason? Everyone seems to be focusing on M2 as if the 2,5" SSD's aren't worth it anymore… Again, for extra storage. Right now I'm using old Spinpoint HHD's in RAID0 so those are definitely obsolete (and one of them started to show bad sectors).

  11. @marrow94

    Thanks for the tests! I wonder how the cheaper chinese SSDs do in your benchmarks against these "branded" SSDs. The prices have gone up so much.
    Nowdays if I search for "PS5 SSD with dissipator" I just cringe reading the prices.

  12. @GrainGrown

    How big is this "best budget"? 100 coins? 300 coins?

  13. @Samp3x

    Great video. I hope you can review the Lexar NM800 PRO in the near future

  14. @fatalitydead

    All hail the SSD Queen! The most thorough reviews in in an important sector that is often ignored by giant tech youtubers who only post about 4090's and millionaire silliness.
    This is informative and very useful content to real people. Thank you for filling the gap and your work is much appreciated. Keep it up!

  15. @sebastianjost

    pices do indeed change a lot… just a few months ago I got the NM790 2TB for 95€, now it costs almost 130€

  16. @Raider_MXD

    Very helpful, SSDs by less popular brands usually don't get a lot of coverage

  17. @Sunlight91

    At least they specified TLC NAND. Kingston has an SSD where they switched to QLC for the 2TB model which had abysmal performance.

  18. @PrimeRsoul

    Got the 790 today for 200 Euros. I'll only use it for smaller backups. Can't go wrong there.

  19. @WSS_the_OG

    Very interesting. It does seem that SSD prices having been going up in general as of late, so now would be the time to get a drive before they get even higher.

    It would be fascinating to be able to disable the HMB function to test these drives. I truly wonder how much of an impact that might have, and under which use conditions it would matter the most.


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