Are RAZER Products Junk???

Does Razer make the best gaming mouse? The best gaming keyboard? Is it just marketing? Do razer products suck?
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A lot of users complain about their Razer gaming peripherals. We see reports of keyboards, mice and laptops breaking or having problems. Is Razer just a marketing machine selling garbage products? Or do they actually make high quality peripherals?

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  1. Dave2D

    Have you had a good experience with Razer stuff? A bad experience? Tell us about it!

  2. I love Razer but I only buy them on sale. I bought my mouse and kwyboard from them at close to 50% off and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I bought some razer headphones MSRP they were 70$ and they ducked. Their higher end stuff is really good but definitely overpriced.

  3. fondoo

    i bought the razer huntsman elite with phantom keycap upgrades. very disappointed with the quality control of the builds. I went back to the steelseries apex pro

  4. devil

    my razer headset broke in 3 months

  5. Wonderland

    I just purchased the Razer Nari Ultimate headset and also ended up on this YouTube video. The fit is great, the sound is muddy and washed out. The vibration is neat, but not worth the premium price tag. I'm trying replace my 10 year old Astro a50 gen 1 headset and the Razers didn't come close. Over audio chat my friend immediately commented asking why my mic sounded so poor. Several times my audio stuttered and sounded like the signal was being interrupted. I'm sending them back and will continue searching. I did try tweaking many settings and watching many you tube videos to hone them in, but it didn't do much nor was worth the trouble.

  6. TheWtfnonamez

    Razer is trash.
    The most expensive mouse I ever bought at the time was a Razer, and it crapped out, just out of warranty. The most expensive keyboard I ever bought at the time was Razer and THAT crapped out just out of warranty. Neither were particularly good, and neither deserved the high price tag. Both literally failed faster than any other keyboard or mouse I ever bought. Lets put this in perspective. I had a FREE microsoft mouse that came with a computer when I started gaming, and that never failed, despite 3 years of WoW. I had a cheap Chinese knock off gaming mouse that worked brilliantly and NEVER failed. These days I use Steel Series keyboards and Logitech mice because they are pro gaming gear that also last for many many years.
    Razer is flash trash. You are paying for fancy boxes, stickers, advertising, and cool factor, but they are built to fail. They suit two types of customer. People that replace their peripherals like fashion-bunnies buy new sneakers, and "gamers" that play for 5-10 hours a week.
    Razer products are like the crap you see in hiking stores targeting rich, casual, walkers that want to dress like mountaineers, and feel like they are hardcore. Its over priced, wears out real fast, and looks great in your room. But serious people who aint being sponsored, use REAL kit.

  7. Rick lee

    Been using my Abyssus mouse for 9 years and finaly the right mouse button breaks. I think they make good products

  8. Triggas

    Bought wireless razer earbuds, stopped functioning out of nowhere after 3 weeks

  9. Blocked Pot

    Bullsh*t. Absolute bullsh*t. This is the typical YouTuber nonsense that needs to stop. Razer products are horrendously made and they break as soon as the warranty runs out. 6 products till date and none have survived; and I genuinely care for my stuff. I have had a Logitech G502 Proteus Core for the past almost 8 years now and it works great. Razer is solely a branding story. Stay away from the bullsh*t marketing. Stick to real peripheral makers.

  10. widekirb

    Something that people should be aware of is that if their product doesn't immediately advertise that their stuff works on console, it doesn't. I have had 2 products of theirs. A Huntsman Elite TKL V2 (loved the feel of the keyboard), and the naga trinity (liked the side buttons). I played around with the lights and the macros, but i plugged it in to my PS5 and none of them saved anything that I just did. People would argue, and yes, it DOES function as a *regular* keyboard. But when you are paying $179+ for a keyboard, you expect all of the features to work properly. They need to stop cheaping out and put on-board memory on their keyboards and mice. It puts less load on your CPU because your computer doesn't have to control the lights. I returned both and got a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL and a Logitech G502 mouse. The SteelSeries Apex Pro came out a little loud, but I did get Razer keycaps because I liked the look when I had a Razer keyboard, and lubed the switched and put O-Rings on the keycaps. I brought my keyboard to school and my friend said that it felt like typing on Jell-O.

  11. SixSilverStones

    I like physical razer products, but i hate their invasive, laggy driver software

  12. Isabel Heizmann

    Me sitting here with my 3 years old razer laptop and 4 years old mouse, still looking good and working perfectly….fine for me🤷‍♀️😂

  13. ‌ٴ

    had the razer blade 17 fhd since 2017 (almost 5 years ago) and still going strong

  14. Nogardtist

    7/10 they are
    other brand look like retextured mice from aliexpress or wish then these break 9/10 times

  15. Para Montana

    i got the 8khz polling rate mouse from razer, the material fabric on the side where the thumb rests is already degrading over a few months of use.

  16. RufiPlayz

    I have a razer key board and mouse and headset stills works its been 2 years sense i bought it

  17. Deviousmendez

    I think Razer legacy products were made well, I still have a 2004 Diamondback that I still use on my main PC. I bought the Chroma version of the Diamondback actually two of them and the sensor for the scroll wheel went to shit. It will jump up and down despite how slow or fast I scroll. My 18yr old mouse still working great.

  18. BISVIZ Studio

    My mouse broke and it hasn't been a year. Damn razer. I expected more from you.

  19. Shane Nath

    I've had to buy multiple mics and headsets because they keep breaking. I'm done with Razor

  20. Bungycat

    I literally just bought the Huntsman Mini

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