Are There Problems With The Surface Laptop?

The review is coming soon but before the Microsoft Surface Laptop comes in, here are some things you should know before buying!
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  1. Dave2D

    It's not cheap, but I love the aesthetics on this device. I think it's THE best looking windows laptop on the market right now. Anyone thinking of getting one?

  2. Nishit Mangal

    How is its base varient for video editing? Plz suggest an ultrabook around 1100 usd for the same.

  3. Pt Bot

    it's been a year for me with Surface Laptop now and I can say the Alcantara top is still in good condition. No discoloration, no disintegration of the top. However, the top has started to peel off the body right around the bottom. The problem could be due to 2 things. One, when i open the lid, my thumb would brush against that edge of the alcantara, and that may have slowly work to pry the alcantara off. Second, once i spill water inside my bag and it wetted the entire bottom edge, but thank god it didn't short out anything inside. The water may have weakened the glue then. Anyway, the separation is not noticeable by eye and still not very excessive. I may take a superglue to it sometime soon.

  4. Jayblue873

    Surface pro 5 or surface laptop? I can’t decide! Pro 5 has a kickstand and you need to use it for a desk. But on the laptop you can’t replace the Alcantara! which one

  5. Kevin Ritchey

    I got the original laptop version 1 and not the Surface 2 but paid a flat $500 for the 8GB RAM/256 SSD. That said, trying to find a docking hub that just clips on without having to use a cable is a HUGE PROBLEM! Considering the plethora of inexpensive cabled adapters out there, has anyone found one that simply snaps onto the side thus providing everything nominally required? Please help me as being somewhat bed-ridden from spinal cancer complications, I don't have the income resources to pay stupid prices for what costs pennies on the dollar to build (I sold hi-end consumer electronics for 25-years and kinda know the game). Any takers on helping a guy find a rare item? In advance, many thanks!

  6. Matthew MIO

    As i am a computer university student,i need to work with laptop for programming. So, do i need a mid-range laptop or high-end laptop? now, my laptop is core-i5 and 4GB of ram and with no graphic card. please give me advice which laptop is the most suitable for me?. Thanks!

  7. Darash Louis

    Do you think this computer will be good for music producers with the intel i7 8700u dual core?

  8. Mira Figueira

    its 2019 and compared to the other laptops in the market this one is hella cheap. i just bought it and so far its okay

  9. elenchus

    I thought I'd report back on this older video about the fabric wear. I've used my Surface Pro 4 since 2015 as a secondary device (I live on a desktop for work), most for watching videos in bed/waiting for stuff on the go, and I use it for work when I travel. I started out with the blue type cover, which I still use and love, and I bought the signature type cover not long after they came out.

    So anyway, these have been used for years. My blue cover has some very light wear, probably from food or drink over the years. I'd say it now looks maybe 1 month old. Amazingly, there's no key-shine, which makes me wonder if these are PBT caps.

    The signature/platinum cover, which is about half as hold as memory serves, looks maybe one week old, mainly because the suede isn't all smoothed in one direction. If I put it back in the box it came with, which I still have, and cleaned it up I'll bet it could pass as brand new.

    So anyway, this stuff seems to hold up pretty well.

  10. Xiao Xiann

    Neh… I very love the design and touch screen… BUTTT! The price was too expensive for me… T_T

  11. Shaun Ponzini

    I need a device for editing 4K footage in the future. Preferable under $1300. I've heard good about this and the LG gram 17. Any opinions between the two?

  12. Karl Jo

    You cannot clean that keyboard. If your oily food drops onto the keyboard, you are screwed and have to buy a new one. It becomes dirty very quickly.

  13. So let me get this straight:

    No external software
    No Chrome
    50 Dollar upgrades every time Windows gets another one

    No Surface Laptop 2

  14. Average Joe

    Anyone else watching this on their surface laptop?

  15. Zafar Shahid

    My steel series mouse mat has some ware from my use, the alcantara will not last long for me.

  16. Frederick0220

    Yes, there are problems. I just tried out the Surface 3 Laptop at Best Buy and while the
    Alcantara fiber was on fleek, the keyboard overall was atrocious. Thin chiclet-style keys a la Apple and the entire keyboard flexed whenever I hit a key in the middle.

  17. GameNP

    WOW!! I love your intro video.❤❤

  18. Amey joshi

    Hello sir, I would like to ask you that this product is worth of doing any programming or else running files like matlab ,kicad and more ? And apparently what's the windows 10s issue that should be troubleshooted

  19. 이종현

    오 한국 번역도 있네요 감사합니다 잘봤어요

  20. I think if your hands are very greasy that would mark the type cover. I used to have a surface pro, and the fabric they used in the keyboard deck is different from the cover itself, that is, the keyboard deck is quite "oily" or waxed, for lack of a better term, I guess to preserve the fabric's integrity with frequent use.

  21. Zin

    my acer chromebook can do 90% of what this thing can, and it's a 15.6 4k display, 12 hr battery life at 400 dollars, smh microsoft

  22. Ricky Aguilar

    Got one for 200 and it had the warranty still active, so I sent it in for a certified refurbished one from Microsoft 😊

  23. Iriditium

    This is the surface laptop 1 right
    I had a laptop 3 for 1 year before switching to a razer blade stealth 2020

  24. Vinay

    haha you never discussed it's least repairability, almost impossible battery replacement. It looks Microsoft paid you to hide the hard facts. Idiot.


    Simply dont buy Microsoft surface. Once it get dirty it look shit and u can not clean it

  26. Sora Ali

    I’m watching this to try and find a way to clean my keyboard because it does have marks on it and I have no clue how to get rid of ittttt

  27. I want to know if screen got flickering problems like there surface pro tablet

  28. Thomas M

    Would you have any idea how I could initiate the Video signal getting sent out the USB – C port? I tried 3 different USB C to USB C cables on a Samsung M7 no connection at all. Previously I had a Benq and USB C to DP cable that works great till the monitor falls into sleep mode. Same on a USB C dock where I can attach a HDMI cable. Tried 2 different docks same behavior one day it works the next day – No video Signal. Did everything I could imagine deleting display catch changed all sleep and energy save option on the Surface Laptop to never. Still the same thing one day it works next da no video signal detected.

    For the moment I only thing this is the crapiest product MS ever produced.

  29. Ikeda Kazuto

    The MacBooks are much better for students.
    $1000 for M1 and the durability will mean it might actually survive school.
    Students with their filthy fingers and food and drinks are going to destroy that poor alcantara
    And flimsy bits. Oh $50 to get the full experience is ridiculous

  30. surendra pandey

    Hey! Alcantara gets dirty too early in the places where I have to use my PC. Any idea to protect that?

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