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ARP Explained – Address Resolution Protocol

What is ARP? This is an animated video explaining how ARP (address resolution protocol) works. ARP resolves an IP address to a MAC address.


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  1. I hope you can answer me pleaaaase. But, how does the computer already know the ip address from another computer with this protocol?

  2. chef.beohbe _

    "using a Windows command prompt"
    Sorry, I'm trying to cut back on that habit. I have been taking the Linux Mint as suppliment to help with those cravings.

  3. Playful Steps

    You are the standard for educational videos on YouTube. πŸ€©πŸ’―

  4. Soroush WL

    1:37 How does Computer A send out a broadcast message? I'm confused

  5. Alex Zarankin

    Why do we need the mac address of certain computer ? if the computer's address is its last digit of the IP and the way it can be recignized in a network

  6. The Superior Man

    Hold on. If two devices have have unique IP addresses, why can't they use it to communicate? Why is knowing the MAC address necessary?

  7. Phemy Stevens

    "IP address is used to LOCATE a device on the network and the MAC address is what IDENTIFIES the actual device" πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  8. so amazingly explained the whole thing ….you are the best at what you're doing. I hope you will continue to make those videos.

  9. coolcat2005dj

    thank you so much for these videos, i learned alot today from your channel

  10. RiqzaR

    I’m currently an Engineering student, & if I get a job. I’ll surely donate to this channel for making me understand cleanly.

  11. Sehvish Riyaz

    Best videos. Can u plz make detailed videos on every topic like arp in the same subnet and different subnet , types of arp etc

  12. Hideyoshi Coryne

    Thank you for such a clear and concise video (sharing it with other peers)!

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