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Just hit 100k Subscribers! So here’s a special video where I answer YOUR questions!

Park Assist:
Apple CarPlay in ANY Car:
NTG Differences:

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  1. @HansWeustink

    Congrats on 100K Nick. Looking forward to your future videos. Keep up the great content!

  2. Con grand thanks for your fantastic videos! They have really helped me learn about my GLC and will always drive a Merecedes now.


    my 2014 cla250 had better quality than my 2021 glc300 4matic
    mind you I sold my cla with 70k miles on it while my glc currently has 30k miles on it yet i'm experiencing like a jerking sensation between 2nd and 3rd gear and my parking sensor just randomly triggers

  4. @jonm9501

    As someone looking to buy into the mercedes family, your videos are incredibly helpful. Also the video production is top notch. The pinch to full screen is rarely done right, but your attention to detail is excellent. Keep up the good work!

  5. @Clearwater2011

    Congratulations on the 100K

    I have a question

    My 12 month old C220D Estate has an issue with the battery

    We went away for 10 days in the summer and came back to a flat battery, rang Mercedes and the RAC came out and charged the battery, did a diagnosis and everything was fine, no software updates available

    We just went away for a week and started getting messages from the app says the battery was low and functions on the alarm system would be switched off, got home in time and drove the car for an hour, no issues

    Problem is we will probably go away for 2 weeks in the summer, for sure the battery will die 😢

    Any suggestions?

    The only other issue has been the software changed to Arabian on its own, that was a little bit tricky to sort

  6. @vjtunes05

    Can you please help me to understand how todays android auto is payable option (£299) on EQC400 AMG.? Even a Corsa has this as a standard feature

  7. Mercedes-Benz couldn't teach me any thing on my new GLE450 but I learned from you, very clever. Thank You
    I even passed your Link to MB sales guy and he liked as well.
    Just one question: I noticed the lane control doesn't see yellow lines by the side of the curbs and reacts when the left wheels are on the line, I live in Canada though.

  8. Congrats on 100,000 subscribers,Nick. Just waiting for my first V8 to arrive, so I hope the engines are good. I take delivery of a new SL 55 in a few weeks time.

  9. @nigeldone996

    Well done Nick , and thank you for your high quality and informative videos, I for one have learnt a lot from your videos 👍

  10. @JR007x

    Congrats and appreciate your videos and the continued knowledge you share!

  11. @munirabdalla

    Why mercedes interior has lot of squis noises and rattling feels very noisy I can't even handle it my car has just 20k mile glb 2022

  12. Hi Nick, congrats on 100k!!

    Was late to the party with questions but…..just bought a 73 plate A200.

    The annoying camera sound at the back, constantly dropping and raising when slowing down etc.

    Why does it do this, and any way this can be turned off?

  13. @robfinney310

    I have a mercedes gle and it's just awful. Terrible build quality. Never out of the gsrsge and its only just over a year old.

  14. @JackBeckman

    Acoustic package in US is thicker glass and thermal windows.

  15. @torrhthc4103

    A45s interior door trims dropped out, cla35 side trim dropped out. Gle back bumper trim dropped out. The quality is shit.

  16. Congrats you deserve it, I have a question please, i bought Mercedes Gle 450 2024 , I found something strange that the Rear camera opens always at speed below 25km/h and the sound is very annoying , is there any solution or explanation for this ?

  17. @SS-fc5mm

    Love your channel. It has helped me immensely learning my new car. Question….i live in cold snowy weather. At times I would like to suspend my windshield wipers upward to avoid freezing rain and snow while parked outside. I can’t get them to slide upwards past the little shelf above them. Mercedes 450GLE 2024. Thank you.

  18. @Mantoozz333

    Firstly, congratulations on 100k subscribers soon to be 1M. 😊

    Yes Mercedes was a dream car for me and after getting it I was disappointed about the build quality. My A class has bad suspension. Rattling dashboard, speakers makes buzzing sound at 50% volume, 35mpg and list goes on. I think A class should not be called a Mercedes. My friend’s Yaris is better than A class.

  19. @knight6757

    Big name brand but unfortunately the cars are not very much user friendly 😔.. I hve SLK 320 R170 465 2001. .its now parked 5plus years!!

  20. @pankajnaik2708

    Hey Nick . Thanks for taking my question of acoustic package.
    My 8 year old daughter was more happy than me for taking my question.

  21. Thank YOU Nick!! You doing a great job, thank you for your time and effort! Wish you to reach many milestones!

  22. @openminded3763

    Congrats Nick on 100k. Been looking through you vids for something re the latest Merc key; in particular keyless go security. Took delivery of a new C class just last week and noticed the keyless go key seemed quite a bit different to the E class I had traded in. I could switch that key off with a double click but not the new one it would seem. I also read that a statement from MB claimed that the double press on the previous style key also shut down/isolated electrical access ports, thereby deneying unorthorsied access to the electrical system. Don't know how true he latter is but a walk through of the latest key security etc would really be appreciated as I have so far been unable to find anything on this.

  23. @urbanfox2004

    Hi mate.

    Firstly, congrats on your subscriber base!

    My questions are on GLB 2024 model, will you be doing a comprehensive review?

    Not sure if launched in UK yet?

    My deal breakers on old vehicle were no 360 degree parking camera, no wireless Apple CarPlay.

    Are these present on the new face lifted model?

    Also, what options are there? Mirror dash cam, digital rear view mirror?

    Also, I’ve never had pleasure of owning Mercedes before, always had Japanese (Honda, Nissan etc). What is Mercedes me app? Can I remote start the vehicle from, my iPhone?

    Can I move the car (I.e. back the car out of the garage) remotely using the app, or not possible?

    Really hope you get a chance to have a hands on with this vehicle.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. @vanttju

    Congrats Nick. I have been following your channel long time. Brilliant content

  25. @WatchDSSID

    Well done Nick…..every time I press the foot brake on my Mercedes eClass to apply the break…I think of you!!!….I’ve had lots of Mercedes before and the sales people / dealership had never pointed that out to me. I could give you many other examples of how you’ve made my car ownership a better experience from watching your EXCELLENT videos. Congratulations on 100,000 – very well deserved – Best Wishes – Peter.

  26. @andyevans6610

    Many congratulations Nick. Your videos are absolutely spot on and incredibly helpful. Here’s to the next 100k

  27. @MrXispas

    Congrats Nick. Yes you can upgrade to android 12" toutch screen. About 800€

  28. @petter6502

    The thing about build quality is thought that if you compare a current E class which is still a nice car to the quality on a 90s E class, the 90s E class will just be way better in terms of build quality

  29. @SteveN-pw4dj

    I would agree, my S213 has so many issues compared to my S212 especially the engine. But there is more tech in the 213 I guess. The engine problems are caused by the emissions they need to comply with though I guess as this system too is more complex than my 212.

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