ASUS G501 Review – Better than the UX501 for Gamers?

A longterm review on the ASUS G501. Had this notebook for a while, nice to see the screen flickering finally patched. Here are my thoughts. Enjoy!
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  1. David Wong

    when connecting to a 4k monitor is the HDMI still 30hz on this?

  2. Susila Kumar

    hi dave I need little help from you I am starting my career as programmer I ask u to suggest me a laptop coz most of the laptops you review is not available here india am totally confused on choosing a laptop for programing purpose. Thanks in advance

  3. John O'Brien

    Do you think that they will release a 10 series versions of this?

  4. Art Coll

    is it true that you can't change the second hard drive? asus just told me so. that the special laptop configuration and specs doesn't allow this. i doubt it really…

  5. edit1754

    The G501 also uses a fake-4K RG/BW Pentile screen to cheat the ability to advertise the 4K(3840×2160) resolution, without actually providing the full detail of the resolution. Just like the UX501. Buy the Lenovo Y700 4K or Dell XPS 15 4K instead.

  6. Clyde Lee

    i like ur review. best of all the vids out there.

  7. shubham bhosale

    hey bro, I want help to choose between the Asus gl552vw and g501vw fhd model, they got same specs and pricing, 501 didn't got the DVD drive but I got an external drive, please help thank you

  8. Okan Okay

    How is video rendering speed? I couldn't understand. I'm editing 4k videos for youtube with CyberLink Video Editor. Should i buy this computer for 4k display and for the Gtx 960m or should i buy Full HD with 980m pc? I just want to edit 4k videos confortably. I'm waiting for your answer thanks.

  9. Erik Bucik

    I found a deal for this laptop, it's 1150€ for i7, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD (SATAIII) + 1TB HDD (5400RPM), 1080p matte screen, GTX 960M 4GB VRAM. Is it a good deal, or should I wait for newer​ laptops with GTX 1050 inside?
    I'm a grafical design student and don't game. I need a portable & powerful laptop for the next 3-5 years.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Sean MacLeod

    Looking for a laptop that I may EVENTUALLY use to learn to edit vids and don't want to pay too much. I used to have an ASUS that had a maroon, plaid shell that was stolen by the police. I love ASUS and appreciate your videos. I'm still looking, I guess. I wish I remember what the old one had. It held its own but it definitely wasn't SSD.

  11. loc bui

    Hey guys, I want to buy this laptop, but I heard alot of bad review about the screen keep flickering. I want to ask all onwers out there after updated the BIOS, does it still happen? if so, are there any other way to prevent it? thanks
    and the model that i want to buy is asus g501jw-ds71

  12. Max Östlund

    Let's say I found this type of computer for about 7000$.. Worth it?

  13. Please make a video on latest generation of HP Envy x360. And also a video of best notebooks under $800 with dedicated graphics. Thanks

  14. Shreyas Sarasan

    Hey Dave.
    I had been quite conflicted about laptops (between choices that is) around the same time last year. I wanted a work /play rig capable of both the big and small.

    I bought the G501 after watching this video. You cleared up the clutter in my head one laptop component at a time.

    I think your videos are great tech videos. They are simple, succinct and super.
    Quite elegant, quite comprehensive. Keep up the good work man. 🙂

  15. Nicholas Wee

    is it really that much of a dust and fingerprint magnet

  16. Preston H

    Actually just purchased this laptop for $600 today. I now it's an older model, but I couldn't walk away from that deal.

  17. Frederick X.

    I want this laptop but with a newer card inside o_o It looks damn good o_o

  18. Zhenya Anuwatr

    Thanks for the video!i had g501jw but after having issue with it now asus service want to replace with new one to me!which one should I pick? The choice is between gl573 vs ux501 or again g501?i run for photo and video editing all 16BG.thanks in advance!

  19. Notion8

    Dont buy this laptop. used it for 3 years now.

    Screen sucks
    Sound sucks
    GB storage sucks
    Brightness screen sucks
    Replacement of parts in the machine nearly impossible

    Good design
    Good speed
    Very light

  20. Andrew Halim

    Just asking, since this is 2018. Is this device compatible with external gpu?

  21. This is actually my laptop. I've used it for three years, and the battery doesnt hold electricity anymore. Whatever Dave says in this video is correct. He is a good reviewer.

  22. Sky Puma

    hey Dave, I know this is an older video and you might not see this comment but I just acquired on of these laptops from my brother in law, and for some reason the display will not show in 4k resolution. ive seen it in 4k in person when he go this thing 2 years ago, but now it only displays 1080p, even on youtube.


  23. Ardijan

    But there is not Enthernet port 🙁

  24. Z I

    Hello dav…….. i wanted to ask u if this laptop still good for today games and work especially i do 3d rendering…..however i can by it from for 600 euro so i wanted to know if it worth the money or no……thanks in advance

  25. Mike C

    Thumbs up and subscribed.
    Very quality review and gave me just what I was looking for, broke down the specs, gave your honest opinion and moved on. Very helpful. Thank you Mr. Lee!

  26. DP

    hi Dave. Tks for the video, esp info on the BIOS 209. I have downloaded the BIOS. How do I go about updating the BIOS? I tried to run it but it said no application. Appreciate if you can help. Tks

  27. Silverian

    In some cases screen flickering may happen because LCD cable wears out (Watch this YT video: HOW TO FIX ASUS screen flickering)

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