You are currently viewing Asus G752 (GTX 1070) Review  – The Best Gaming Laptop with G-Sync?

Asus G752 (GTX 1070) Review – The Best Gaming Laptop with G-Sync?

Dave2D review of the Asus G752 VS OC (GTX 1070). Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming performance and the 75hz G-sync panel. Is this 75hz G-Sync Panel worth it??
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  1. Vortr8 C.

    i have GTX 980M i want to know if its possible to upgrade to a gtx 1080

  2. Jacob Cherchio

    Does it work with the HTC Vive? I heard it had some problems with the Vive

  3. Wuho Art

    my g752vs (6700hq/8gb ram/gtx 1070) gives me on battlefield 1 only 40fps. Why? Even 1060 gives 60-80fps. Help me someone pls.

  4. Jacques

    At the moment it costs 1600 euros in some shops, WITH GTX 1070!

  5. Solfen

    So to those who are worried about the 75 hz panel, i have the gl702vs, with the same panel, and I was able to overclock mine to 103hz, which gives a great experience.

  6. Jared Crawford

    Is there a laptop out similar to this one, or one coming out similar in specs!? I appreciate the loud fans out the back, honestly. Everything about this is an excellent desktop replacement for me. Was that LFD3 a joke? We don't joke about that..

  7. Wish it didn’t have that big speaker or fan exhaust on the back of the display, and slimmer bezels for the screen.

  8. Vedprakash Wagh

    Laptops like these are damn overpriced in India, the cheapest one with gtx 1060 costs around $2000 here, people like me satisfy ourselves by watching videos :'( I really hope someone does something about this. There should be fair price everywhere, why overprice at the places where people don't have much money to buy these powerful machines even if they wanted to?

  9. James Heal

    Hi please help my keyboard is not lighting up back lights on but not keyboard

  10. Nix

    Is this good for hardcore gaming with video editing?

  11. SirDella

    People say this doesnt have quality control on amazon…

  12. marcus sisk

    If you don't recommend this laptop for best value, can you recommend some models that are a better value?

  13. Nachiket Subhash

    Thumps up,
    if you think now that dave gave green card to Valve they will sure release Half Life 3. XD

  14. johan kropp

    crazy how far we have come in 2 years, in terms of weight size ports etc

  15. TheMustardTiger

    It’s 2018 now, a guy I know is selling his for $1650, thinking I’m gonna pick it up. Thoughts on this scenario?

  16. Jose Martin

    Everything that used to be wrong with gaming laptops. I'm glad these expensive beasts are gone, mostly

  17. Rehana Naveed

    Bro plz help me about plexiglass at the bottom

    Second plz about air intake ?

  18. Bro plz tell me the purpose of bottom black plexiglass and how to remove it and than fit it again

  19. ES Gamer

    now the price is 1.570 USD in indonesia, and with gtx 1070 8gb is that good in 2018?

  20. Knight 202

    The ASUS G752VS screen is dark and the sound is much worse than the ASUS G752VL, be careful

  21. Yinon Cahlon

    Hey, I bought this laptop and I have a FPS drops for 5-10 seconds in every game.
    I'm very frustrated and I don't know what to do!
    Please help me guys.

  22. Serbian347

    Wonderful ! This laptop is for 4K TV gaming ! And it's laptop , PC anytime anywhere !

  23. Changed

    I’ll maybe get the 980m version.

  24. Anus McGee

    I used to have the G752 with the 970m when I was in the Navy. Then this came out, and I regretted buying the 970m. Then some cunt stole it and I was really sad for a week. Then I realized I had an excuse to buy the G752 with the 1070.

    So I did the responsible thing and bought another G752.

  25. Jameson M.

    Know it's three years old, but I just bought this one brand new today, much cheaper now. Have a feeling I wont regret it at $1100.

  26. Xavier Bakrin

    Please I need help, I want to get a laptop and I’m between this and the Alienware 17 r4, they both have the same specs, ram at 16 gb, ssd at 256 gb, hdd at 1 tb, 1070 8gb dedicated.
    The only thing I can spot is the RBG light aesthetic for the Alienware, is there anyone that can help me out

  27. hekotech

    this is my boy. it is third year that we spend together. it was a beast when i bought it. it is still a beast with ssd and ram upgrades 😀

  28. ucss25

    GTX 1070m MXM will fit on MSI GT70 with GTX680m ?

  29. Attirel

    Is a refurbished 120HZ G-Sync, 7700 Processor, GTX 1070, 32GB RAM, 512 SSD and 1TB HDD version good for $1100?

  30. Nite Hawk

    screen is easy to overclock to 100hz, it works at 4k too at nvidia custom resolution. i have 1 oc edition 4k 60hz and 1 1080p working on 100hz no issues about 2.5 years. But you have to repaste after year and i think waporchamber heatsink design bends over time. Keyboard aswd keys erased after 2 years of heavy usage 🙂

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