You are currently viewing ASUS G752 Review – Is the Asus Flagship Worth It?

ASUS G752 Review – Is the Asus Flagship Worth It?

970M vs 960M. My review of the biggest and best laptop from ASUS – The G752 Flagship covering an unboxing, build quality,screen, keyboard, trackpad, gaming performance tests.
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Is the G752 worth the price premium over more budget friendly 17″ Gaming Laptops? Is the 970M worth the price difference? does the 970M overheat? Watch and find out!

Review unit: i7/16G/1TB/970M

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  1. Mustafa Taha

    Hi dave
    Help me to choose between predator helios gtx1060- 6gb or a asus g752 – gtx965 2gb ??!

  2. Liam Hunting

    Have had so many issues with the 752. Worst money spent.

  3. Adhiraj

    Wow, gaming laptops 2 years ago were joke

  4. Riverwood_trader

    Hello! Is this laptop still goos for games in 2018? Is the gpu upgradaable? Im looking for a used one and saw one at 800 euro. Is it worth it? Thanks in advance

  5. Beetarts

    i realize all the game i play it get 75 fps max idk if the laptop did this or wut

  6. Gadgetwide

    I use this laptop, performance is amazing .. i love 3D vapor chamber

  7. geen

    can the keybord change colors?

  8. voidspirit111

    And now in 2019, the base line for fan noise has reached 47-52 dB:))
    Going from this to any of the new laptops this year is like buying a vacuum especially late at night.

  9. Shoaib xD

    predator 17 vs ASUS ROG G752VY which is best??? any 1???

  10. Ozkdritt

    3 years later still great. Got mine for $500 and will hold out a few more years

  11. Let me tell you there is no power balance on the battery i own this, but I sorta necroed this video

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