ASUS GL502 (GTX 1060) Review – 45% Better Performance?!

Dave2D review of the ASUS Strix GL502 VM with the GTX 1060. Covering the G-Sync display, gaming and video editing performance.
G-Sync Panel: sRGB – 84% and AdobeRGB – 55%
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  1. Mou Du Boule

    Did someone know why the Asus g502vm isn't avaliable anymore ? He was awesome !!

  2. Samy_06

    Overall if you had to choose between this laptop and the helios 300, which one would you pick ?

  3. care20

    have this laptop with gtx 1060 3gb version…it has 1280 cuda cores…just like 6 gb version

  4. Ryder

    I think mine may have came broken I was playing yesterday plugged in and at seven fps even going down to 5.

  5. Idol Master

    hey dave ive just come up ur channel and i like it but i have question and need help i have the asus rog gl502vmk (7th gen) and its 3 days old and gets reallly hot and uncomfortable after 1hour gaming

  6. hello world

    I got this a year ago and now it cant even run overwatch in the lowest settings above 40 fps, it cant even run a web browser while playing a game. Can anyone help me out here?

  7. hitardo

    1 year with my GL502VM (mine is the Kaby-Lake version, which is a little bit more recent), I have to say: your review makes total sense.
    A very good performing laptop, with low battery-life, and runs hot.

    The only thing worth of pointing out is:
    The laptop charger (180W) also runs hot. You may say that is not surprising.
    The thing is, I found out – through Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU), that I had power throttling due to the power adapter getting really hot during the Summer time. Thus, I had to blow air into it, to bring its temperatures down.

  8. Naeema Alkiyumi

    Can this handle watch dogs 2 ?? Like ultra settings cuz if not then it barely it will run the next level games on high all settings that coming near future ! Pls someone reply if you test watch dogs 2 ultra settings

  9. Danny Evans

    Was going to get one but 3 hours battery life? it'd constantly be on charge 24/7

  10. I bought GL502VM too, very powerful beast, but I think switching to PC lately, as I am less moving around.

  11. pepefy

    dogshit laptop got 25 fps on rust lowest settings possible

  12. Shsjs hssh

    after using this laptop for 2 years, it will get really hot and start thermal throttling, i suggest preparing to change the thermal paste or buying a cooling pad to fix it.

  13. O'MEDIA

    Hey i have asus rog strix gl502vmk, so its tunderbolt v2 or v3 ? 20gbs or 40gbs ?

  14. Ponskippa

    I’m still gaming with this laptop in 2020

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