ASUS GL503 ROG Strix – Best Gaming Laptop Screen for $1000

Dave2D review of the Asus GL503 ROG Strix – The best laptop from Asus for affordable gaming with high quality screen. Great for video/content editing!

Available Here –

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  1. Dave2D

    Very impressed by this screen for the money. Great laptop for people who want something without the "LOOK AT ME – I'M A GAMER" vibe. Wallpaper here –
    Thanks for watching!

  2. Leonie B

    I got this laptop for 799euros 2years ago. Still have it and it runs great! ☺️

  3. RAJ

    Can we OC the CPU? Please tell?

  4. makaveli559m

    I can't get the Overboost fan control options to work. I barely got mine. Any one knows how to fix it? I tried everything.

  5. MU COD

    Is there any option to upgrade GPU in it.

  6. John

    its well worth buying a plug in blower to clean your laptop out regularly
    youll be totally amazed at the dust that comes out of it and how good the thermals are after a good clean

  7. Sorry i so new at this, where do i get this 2nd 16gb ram single stick at? im so lost and i really want that 32gb

  8. Mister Meeseeks

    This isn't available in my country anymore. Does anyone know which laptop is the direct successor to this one?

  9. mad rider

    No one :
    YouTube : Let's recommend this video to people in 2020

  10. Pav1upt

    I have asus strix scar 3 and in order to use afterburner to push the gpu
    i need to always use windows mode because on other armoury crate
    profiles it replaces the gpu and memory clocks…unfortunately fan
    speeds are now controlled by windows and are slow compared to turbo mode
    for instance…its a pain in the butt, Every time i unplug ac connector
    and plug it again it resets afterburner overclock/Undervolt…any way
    to use shadow drive without armoury crate? Thanks!

  11. Rich4076

    I have this laptop but unfortunately when I got it from Best Buy I got the 1060gpu but it has 3gbs of video ram instead of 6gbs. Is there a way I can upgrade it or can use a external GPU? I hope you can answer this.

  12. 도구로

    so how you improve color accurate from laptop? ( not this one)

  13. Carnage

    can i upgrade this wih a 512gb NVME M2 SSD?

  14. MooNie DC

    Okay i have this laptop for over a year now. I think adding a ram and a ssd stick would be nice. I dont know much about the products so i would like to ask for any recommendations for the ram and ssd stick

  15. Zaf

    Can't even afford any of these coz I'm just 12 and I'm an asian

  16. Ni3 walia

    Which one is cool , acer nitro 5 an 515-51 hq or asus rog gl503 ?

  17. Idk whats wrong with mine im getting 50 fps in low settings in csgo like what happend? 🙁

  18. Pudg

    This laptop was a hammy down with a 1060
    I love it

  19. Mtb iker

    I have Rod Strix GL503VM (i5 7300 HQ with GTX 1060 3GB) from 2017 and so far it has been working perfectly but no i have framerate issue. I noticed it when playing GTA5. It was very slow and sluggsih even on low settings..i was like wtf. Then i tryed like Far Cry 4 and could play normally about 20 sec then frames dropped from 60-70 to 10-20 and fans increased speed also. I have not change anything setting but updated GTX driver. Whisper mode should be disabled and so on…Im quite annoyed cause i cant find any reason for this! What should i do? There is no viruses or malware and laptop is fast and working normally besides the games :/

  20. Plake Plays

    I had this laptop untill i upgraded to a $1400 desktop Really great laptop I had to replace wifi card then i had some cpu overheating issues but overall i would say its a great laptop Asus should probably put a 1650 super or 1660 supper for a replacement for 1050 1060

  21. RobSousa

    5 hours of battery? Not mine it doesn't. But I have the one with the GTX 1060 6GB desktop chip…. 60Hz screen though.

  22. Sou_Desu

    Just wish that these could come with a camera "for school"

  23. J K.

    It's a pristine laptop, 3+ years later, I still have it running solid! I also have the 1060 not the 1050.

  24. Pavan Sampath

    It's been 2years with this Laptop!! It's a great machine!

  25. NITIN

    It's been 3 years now with this laptop and it is working great ✨

  26. Jafet Jafet

    Al día de hoy agosto 2021, que precio en dólares americanos tendría de segunda ?

  27. Saying this after a long time.
    "Dave, you made me buy this"

    Thanks a lot.
    I'm totally satsified with this Laptop. Worth $1075 with the 1050 Ti variant.
    I'm using it so rough in gaming but performance is so decent. Screen is amazing. Using it for 3 years, no complaints at all.

  28. Lalit Shendage

    after almost 3 years of use…
    it is only gadget lasted that long in my hands.. lol..
    and no complaints in performance department…
    but if game is in hdd there is significant frame drop…

  29. i have this laptop right now but it makes no sense beacuse when i want to search the app that is for keyboard it says that this app does not exist

  30. Cris Pil

    Hi dave. Good day i have a little problem reg on GL503 i format it and the rog button is not working and the auroa is delete how can i fix it…

    Thanks and i hope you can give time for me to answer it…

    Appriciate it much sir dave

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