Asus GL553 / GL753 Review (GTX 1050 TI) – 25% Faster!

Dave2D review of the GL553VD + GL753VD. How good is the cheapest gaming laptop from Asus equipped with the Kaby Lake 7700HQ and GTX 1050 TI?
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  1. Ricky

    Don't buy this laptop, at all, even if it's cheap. I watched this video and bought one anyway. What Dave says about the thermals is completely true. All the heat from the GPU gets directed to the CPU and the heatsink/fan can't pull it fast enough so the CPU throttles extremely hard.

    Get a laptop with two fans, don't make the same thousand dollar mistake I did.

  2. Nabby Studio

    Has anybody used this 17 inches gaming machine for vide editing.. pls share ur experiences

  3. Siim Kasepõld

    when i get to 50 fps it gets problematic… lcd screen 50 hz one

  4. Andrei C

    i have the 15 inch model and all i can say bout it : ITS FUCKIN AMAIZING. you can get to 130+fps in csgo and 90+in overwatch on epic.

  5. Harkirat Singh

    Hey Guys, I have something to ask, I have ROG GL553 VD, But i am not even able to CS-GO. Hope you guys can help.

  6. VibeWithMe

    I have this laptop and its so trash, I played a low demanding game at every low settings and only got 60 fps. Dont get this trash laptop.

  7. banana banana

    late comment but the keyboard backlight color doesnt change when i use the aura core software. how do i fix this

  8. NintendoKnight

    please please please trell me the software o control the fan speed. i had to fac reset this laptop due to complications and idk what it is. I'm taking serious performance hits from it, so i rly need to know

  9. UnlovedPeanut

    People who are interested in this computer, DO NOT BUY IT. It has given me horrible experiences. The gaming experience itself is bad, had to send it in to fix about 6 times, build quality is HORRIBLE, the screen hinges got completely decapitated 3 times as they ARE PLASTIC. Hard Drive completely gave up and HDMI port stopped functioning. Screen LCD stopped working
    after a year or so, had to get it replaced, battery life is HORRIBLE, lasts about 15 – 25 minutes while gaming.

  10. Still using my Asus STRIX GL753VD! upgraded the HDD… RAM and SSD on mine… Still runs great… 👍🙂

  11. Raymon Casiquin

    someone selling one to me for $900 . slightly used. anyone know if it's worth it?

  12. Sourabh Kumawat

    Is gtx 1050 4 gb is good in asus rog strix g which i had buyed on 2020.. plz reply

  13. Donner

    Had the GL553VD for over 5 years now, bought it for my 18th birthday as a present and this video helped me decide. Got it for video editing which worked fantastic (Sony Vegas, Adobe sometimes). Always has good airflow, cleaning for dust every couple of months. Really easy to open up to clean. Still holds up today, though the most I do is browsing and playing Skyim (with about 50-60 mods). Even tried Red Dead Redemption 2, it's obviously not holding up well, but on lower graphics it's actually playable even with trainers. But it tends to get pretty hot, I have 35-40C CPU on idle and browsing/watching videos, but heavier games like RDR2 spike it up to almost 80 and even 90 on rare occasions, fan going batshit crazy. That could be just me though. Skyrim peaks at around 75C. Battery is pretty bad ever since I bought it, not something to take along on the go unless there's an outlet nearby. Hope this comment helps anyone thinking about getting one. I'd say it's definitely worth it for the same reasons Dave mentions.

  14. jesse james

    Just randomly found this laptop at a pawn shop for 275 CAD I must say I'm pretty impressed. Although I'm new to pc gaming coming from ps4 no complaints from me.

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