You are currently viewing ASUS GL702 Review (GTX 1060) – Is This Gaming Laptop Too Hot?!

ASUS GL702 Review (GTX 1060) – Is This Gaming Laptop Too Hot?!

Dave2D review of the best thin and light 17″ gaming laptop from Asus. ASUS ROG GL702 STRIX with the GTX 1060. Covering build quality, gaming performance and battery life.
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  1. 12SPASTIC12

    The build quality is kind of disappointing. I dropped $2100 on my G751 back in 2014 and I really loved it. Unfortunately, when it comes to Asus, I have two options. The GL702 which is fine but feels like a direct downgrade in terms of quality, and the G752/G701 which are way out of my price range. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere for my next laptop.

  2. über alles

    It gets really hooooot. Is it safe using it on high CPU and GPU temperatures like around 90-95 degrees when playing Battlefield 1? What do you think? What are the temperature limits for GPU and CPU

  3. Crucial

    I have this laptop and it doesn't heat that much.

  4. SH1N

    don't buy that bs lmao. you can't use it in summer it's warming up your room

  5. Joesph Clary

    Yes this laptop is way to damn hot, My exact model is a GL702VM Strix same as in the video and I have converted it in to a desktop basically because I can not use it as it is intended, That being a freaking laptop.

    Performance amazing laptop its fast, I have had zero issues playing most anything of 2018 and down on max or near max. The issue is the heat, I have had it shut down on me due to heat problems(mainly playing Starcraft 2) I have had GPU shuddering because of the heat when playing things like Dying Light on max settings.

    Great laptop, shitty over heating issues. I will be looking to replace this with a better cooled laptop so I can use it as its intended. There are better things out there for the price of this guy.

  6. Pedro F.

    Top panel is not aluminum. It looks like brushed aluminum but it isn't. At least mine (GL702VS) is not aluminum its a plastic.

  7. TheSilentMan

    should i buy asusrog gtx1070 corei7-7700hq or dellg3 gtx1060 corei7-8750h?
    pls answer me

  8. Lineage

    I’m actually colorblind and the laptop is internal motherboard is making me dizzy

  9. Yami

    should i get this with 1060 3GB?? we dont have here the 6GB version unfortunately 🙁

  10. dont buy this shit cant get that 60 fps even if you turn the turbo boost shit i fou have money to spend buy something else

  11. 7Xphos

    I upgraded mine with a solidstate drive

  12. Brook Valliant

    It gets hot enough to burn your legs through your pants leaving burns that last for months. Use a barrier if using for long on your lap.

  13. xonut

    Have this Laptop and it runs like shit due to heat i believe.. tragic for the price i paid.

  14. Anas Saifi

    Its 2019 and this laptop still $1600 in india

  15. Tristan Cabiles

    hi! i own this laptop and im planning to sell it, how come the prices in amazon are much more expensive than before? it already went up from 1400 to 1699$

  16. One thing that drives me mad is the buzzing of the entire chassis when you listen to anything like a movie or game/music. the whole thing vibrates. bzz bzzz bzbzb

  17. daniddd

    I don't know what you say but the keyboard doesn't work for me and I don't know why you can rent me

  18. Quinn Lin

    love how you have videos for literslly every budget computer. super helpful, even in 2020


    i have one,,, the hinges are weak,,, cannot handle such a 17''' screen

  20. Saman Salar

    Still running strong after 3 years of extreme use (architecture use plus design programs), unfortunately i lost the screen at one point, it exploded in the Xray machine, other than that outside thing and after replacing it , its still monster for a 3 years old laptop that went into hell

  21. Don't buy this, I got this in 2017. It usually had 90° C, was super loud and games ran SUPER bad. I had to drive to the store where I got it 4 times, sent it in 3 times for repair, didn't fix anything. Finally when I brought it in someone said the airflow was really bad and repaid gave back the money.

    3 years of constant problems, I don't recommend it

  22. IamSosa

    Great Laptop to game on a desk. You will need a thick text book to use this on your lap (gets very hot). I actually bought a cooling fan pad to use with this laptop, not sure if it will help, but I am sure it's better than a book. Battery does not last that long, so you will want to charge it every night if you use for school. Only game with it plugged into power, otherwise it will run out of power quick & run slow.

  23. C F

    Aww, look at you 4 years ago.

  24. Andy Fulcher

    You should do an update to this video with all the laptops from this time and how they hold up now. I bought this when it first came out because of this review and it was great ran PUBG back in the day above 60fps siege and GTA ran great too. But as I upgraded my desktop more and more I quit using my laptop as much. But now it gets crazy high temps in the 90-100c sometimes usually sits in the high 80s. And crazy thermal throttling. But I'm lucky to get 60fps out of any game now days. Yes I've cleaned the fans and reapplied thermal paste also under volted cpu but still get temps in the 80s and thermal throttles. I'm just wondering if other people have the same issues. I'm gonna try liquid metal next.

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