ASUS GL703 VM SCAR – Gaming Laptop for Pros!

Dave2D review of the new ROG Strix GL703 VM SCAR. ASUS’s best laptop for competitive FPS gamers.
Cheaper Edition –
ROG 17″ SCAR Edition –
ROG 15″ SCAR Edition –

The new ROG Strix SCAR Laptop fresh from ASUS. Fully optimized to play the top games out right now. With a Core i7-7700HQ quad-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (17″) or 1070 (15″) graphics and a 120hz display games will run super smooth. Tons of storage with a 512GB SSD and a 1TB Seagate FireCuda HD plus up to 32GB of DDR4 2400MHz memory. The ROG Strix SCAR looks sexy with it’s gunmetal grey and finished with bulletproof Kevlar look.

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  1. Dave2D

    For the hardcore FPS gamers Asus has a laptop for you. The GL703 VM is easily one of the best laptops for competitive gamers who need portability. Thanks for watching!

  2. deathshade777

    The panel is bad. Previous Asus laptops had ahva panels with a much faster response time that also had far better color and viewing angles.

  3. Jan Mliakoff

    Is there any screen tearing when frames reach above 120?

  4. qiang zhou


  5. Khalaf Ilyas

    It's refreshing to start a video and not have the YouTuber pushing his loud energy onto you

  6. juan martinez

    I just got the cheaper edition for $550 at the pawn shop is that a good deal?

  7. Suze Siviter

    If you wanna play witcher 3 at 10K frames per second, you need to upgrade your eyes first).

  8. HypersAli

    guys I want buy this in my country this 200$ is this good pc? Pls say

  9. OnProfit

    Have the same exact scar one being reviewed. It only gets 100 fps on minecraft which is disappointing to be honest ._. COD 60+ etc

  10. breezy ho

    I have no business looking at any laptops right now

  11. paulblana

    I bought this laptop in 2018 and since day one it had all sorts of issues. The bios settings had to be changed in order to boot the ssd and install windows 10. From time to time, after updates, it crashes and windows has to be re-installed. Performance is awful, the framerate stutters or freezes for a couple of seconds, cpu and gpu are at 91C at all times while gaming, no matter the settings, even after cleaning fans, buying a cooler and repasting. Undervolting doesn't make any difference, and afterburner doesn't let you mess with temp or power limits, so that makes me think that the gpu is locked to those insane settings. I might've stumbled upon a seriously broken hardware, and I think i voided the warranty, since i changed the thermal paste.

  12. kuna 7

    Hey whats up Dave.
    I wana ask you, can u make one video about the asus g703 chimera.. The latest gaming notebook from asus.?
    I find you cool, and u have very nice and explained videos.
    I wish for you all best things in live. Beautiful greetings from Bosnia and Herzegowina

  13. StimzyEz

    i have the same but i have like 60 fps on overwatch and rainbow six

  14. javiercr7

    now I know not to believe YouTubers, this laptop overheats by playing cs:go and starts to throttle the cpu. CSGO doesn't even run at 30 fps

  15. Keith Clunk

    It's August 2021 and I ended up here after a specific laptop search. I bought this laptop (GL703GM – Asian version) 3 years ago and one HDD and one battery later I still love it and am using it right now to type this. But I yearn for something more cutting edge now. I want another laptop the same dimensions as the GL703 but with faster and bigger capacity innards. All I see these days are skinny laptops for skinny people and without the muscle to carry the laptop muscle. Neither can stand the heat. Give me a chunky 17 incher. Give me more power! 👀

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