Asus GM501 Zephyrus M – Cheaper AND Better!

My review of the Asus Zephyrus M – GM501. The best gaming laptop from Asus for thin and light performance at a cheaper price.
Zephyrus M –

A powerful laptop i7-8750H with a GTX 1070 on a 144 Hz 3ms screen. This laptop has incredibly strong performance in a thin and light package. It now has a greatly improved keyboard and touchpad from the previous generation.

CPU Detail –

Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Dave2D

    Another kick ass laptop – those fast screens are boss. I hope also you enjoyed the 720p food review =) Thanks for watching!

  2. Robert Butler

    More Asus Eye-candy to distract from Asus horrible customer support. Buy this or any other Asus laptop, and it may be a brick in under two years. I have an Asus Zenbook Pro. After just under two years the Zenbook stopped recognizing the RAM in the SODIMM socket. I am not a hater. I liked my Zenbook. I just can't afford to buy a new one every two years. Can you? Should you?

  3. Skunkin

    Does your trackpad click when out your finger on it? Im not talking about pressing down the button, I mean prior to pressing it, mine clicks. Is this normal?

  4. cgamingfails

    Does the bottom really have the fans visible (and prone to get stuff stuck in them)?

  5. Jesus Malpica

    Don’t buy this laptop, it’s utter garbage after 4 months of use. Only getting 20-30 fps on all my fucking games, waste of fucking money!!!!

  6. Sheru

    I liked Zephyrus S better due to the desktop keyboard feel and I personally prefer the trackpad on the right…

  7. A. Pat

    How to install rog gaming center into my unit asus gm501 with rog aura core, game visual, fan overboost and so on.. pls let me know. Thank you in advance

  8. Did anyone try to hook up an external gsync monitor through TB 3 port and confirm it works?

  9. hongye

    please consider to review the new zephyrus M gu502

  10. Sal

    dave, i want a gaming laptop that has a very good cooling, i prefer 2070 rtx, 144hz, and intel 8th generation. what would you suggest? i would buy whatever you tell me because i trust you.

  11. ChRiTz

    this year, this laptop isn't worth it anymore.. T.H.I.C.C

  12. ROG Zephyrus M GU502 comparing with Triton 500 in terms of thermals, battery life etc 🙂 they have same specs almost same price there no reviews abt it :((

  13. Mitch S

    Found this for £1300, do I, don't I

  14. Ya_boi

    I have the gu501 Im on it right now it is built the same as this and I love it it has the 6 core 8th gen i7 and 1060 and it is so great I love the build love the screen, the speakers are great and performance

  15. Setsuna Hakanai

    The prices on Amazon is messed up. You'd find one sold for $5,000CAD

  16. Abner Cestari

    I've paid 2k one year ago for the 16gb ram and 256gb SSD version. Still feels great. I'm considering changing the SSD for a 1tb capacity

  17. Talking Fish

    I'm looking for a new laptop but its very confusing these days. Asus, razer, msi… they all make great laptops… How to chose one????? I don't want to make a mistake that will haunt me,fornyeaers

  18. feral_dude

    “Front panel lights up”

    – leaves chat – closes video – throws phone away.

  19. Reastle

    gaming laptop should have
    finger print lock too make it over cool

  20. Tony W

    I personally think that the msi gs65 is better

  21. Fetusgi

    I need to know what is the wallpaper on the laptop in the thumbnail. It doesn't seem to be shown in the video at all.

  22. poopacheese

    My people please help me decide!! should I buy "zephyrus GX531" or buy the "Strix III GL531GW"

    If you can please give reason why you choose one over the other thank you everyone

  23. ToKini Andy

    I've owned this laptop for about a year and a half now. It's been WONDERFUL.
    BUT, I started a YouTube channel about a year after getting it, and the color accuracy of the screen reared it's ugly head.
    As in, it's not color accurate.
    It's almost impossible to color correct video on this thing. I'll definitely need to pick up an external monitor at some point.

    With that said, it has treated me very well. After about a year though, the temperatures run much higher than I'd like them to in games. Just keep that in mind.

  24. caped baldy

    No one is going to talk about his jacket?
    Thats fire🔥

  25. danny Silva

    "Thermal solution of this machine is amazingきj really shocked me, I tried to use XTU to adjust Voltage offset by -100mV, fortunately this CPU can pass the pressure test of 3DMark. Meanwhile the temperature of CPU is only 72 cerci degree at hexa boost 4.0GHz, which is the maximum freq of 9750H. GPU temp is 62 cerci degree at 2205 MHz.

  26. dymn prez

    I bought yesterday 🤣 105 in taxes 🤕

  27. cHaDd3rZ

    Hi can anyone help me please
    Im after a new laptop ive seen 2 i like

    Asus zephryus Gm501 –

    asus zephryus g ga502du –

    Both are very similar. There both around £1000
    The problem im having is the gm501gm screen is too small with big bezels.
    The ga502du seems slightly underpowered and has a mobile cpu in.
    Im after something in between for around £1500.
    Can anybody recommend a model for me.
    It would need to have AAS. Where the cooling lid undernearth opens.

  28. Happy

    thickest bezels on the planet

  29. Harikrishnan PS

    I have been using this laptop for 2 years now and I have seen a flaw with the RGB keyboard. The light quality and color changes after 3 months of use. The LED output you get from a new keyboard and the same keyboard after 3 months is different. The light becomes very dull after 3 months. I have replaced the keyboard 4 times now and all 4 of those keyboards had this exact same defect. This repetition leads me to believe that this is a fault in the design of the keyboard and cannot be fixed no matter how many times you change the keyboard because all keyboards for this model will be the same. However other models such as the strix do not have any difference in colour no matter how long you use it. So if you own this laptop could you please give me a reply?

  30. Abner Cestari

    I still have this laptop (GTX1070 144hz screen), my battery completely died. Do you guys think is worth to replace it and upgrade with 1tb ssd and 32gb ram??

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