ASUS Strix GL502 Review – A Thin and Powerful 15″ Gaming Laptop!

My review of the Asus Strix ROG GL502 – A thin and light 15″ gaming laptop. Covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad with gaming performance tests.
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  1. Nix

    Is it good for hardcore games and editing

  2. Eleton

    How can I fix the loud fan noise I have on my gl502 laptop. And it happens when I get to the desktop screen and start browsing the internet. I barely use it for gaming I only use it for music production but some times its just casual gaming.

  3. omar farooq

    this one or helios 300? im near buying a laptop. and im confused as hell. :/

  4. RamLogic

    I have the GL502VT and after replacing the hard drive, my laptop won't start. If I put the original hard drive, it starts no problem. Was that your experience as well?

    I'm just trying to install my own operating system on a new hard drive and I really hate that factories do this, limit you on upgrades.

  5. Brandy B

    Just went to B>B> to order mine. It's starting at 999.00 +tax. It's now a little more afford
    able but limited stock.

  6. Mou Du Boule

    Did someone know why the Asus g502vm isn't avaliable anymore ? He was awesome !!

  7. malek skhiri

    Is it better than the msi ge62 vr? What should i buy ? This one or the msi?


    Hey dave can you review asus rog hero edition plzz..

  9. FreedomWarrior

    Now there's a laptop of this model with a GTX 980m for less than 1000€ (new). Holy shit! I mean, it has slightly better performance than a GTX 1050 TI for less than 1000€ with a good CPU, 16gb ddr4 ram and 512gb ssd… If I didn't bought 1.5 years ago my asus k550jx with a gtx 950m drr3 for 800€ I would today give an extra 200€ to buy this thing.

  10. Mehtab afridi

    alienware 17 r4 with gtx 1060 6 gb vs this asus gl503vm gtx 1060 6 gb….which one do u prefer and why? leaving cost aside

  11. ravid cohen

    loved your review!
    purchased my GL502 2 years ago , great gaming laptop.

  12. SwiftTelly20

    I was looking at getting this or a similar pc/laptop just for 2 games cuz my tower pc can't be upgraded. I then realised I have a shitty old laptop that I could have upgraded which could save me a tone of money. I'm so dumb I can't believe I didn't think of it before [face palm moment!]

  13. Leap Luy

    In just 2 years a lot has changed
    Like pc with VGA 970M could cost you merely 1400$ now a decent pc with VGA 1050Ti would cost you as little as 750-800$

  14. Cookie

    I bought this device from new egg and is still lasting me past a year and a half. I used your review and a bunch of others to make my purchase, and I think it's great. The only problem I have is it feels fragile due to the plastic.
    Edit: I got the gtx 1070 Asus gl502vs db71 and I don't know how I remember the whole name.

  15. Jerem0y

    I have gl502vm-ds74 and it IS thunderbolt 3.

  16. Cris Garcia 6

    Can you use thunderbolt 2 on a USB Type C? It is confusing, why did they brought thunderbolt?

  17. C

    If any of you go to this video because you just found a Gl502 used, whether it me 970m or 980m model, I want to point out a few things. They are amazing value for money now. I was able to find the 980m variant for 450USD because, it had overheating issues. From what I can gather, the original owner has heating issues. The seemed to have been related to the thermal pads. I received it from someone who purchased it from the OG owner, and made no changes. When I opened it up, OG owner had covered CPU, GPU and VRM/VRam in paste. Obviously wasn't the right idea for the Vrams and VRM, which seem to be why it overheats. I was able to clean it, and add new pads on VRM/VRam, and Gelid GC-Extreme on the CPU and GPU. After, I was still having issues. Well, I had forgotten to remove the plastic film from one side of the pads. After removing the plastic film, I have no more issues. Hence leading me to believe those two are the problem. Replace pads and paste right off the bat. I now rarely get over 70c under heavy load.

    The battery is probably going to be worn. Mine is bad enough to the point it only holds a charge under normal use for about an hour. Asus will not sell you a battery, and wanted a STARTING price of 700USD to replace the battery from me! Of course I turned it down. I found a battery from the company EBK on eBay and will be updating when I purchase it. If you have the model with the 64wh battery, finding those is beyond easy, the VY model like I have is more uncommon.

    Replace the stock m.2 with something like a 500gb 970 Evo, or 960 Evo. They are coming down in price, and the stock SSD gave me nothing but issues. It kept causing artifacting that I thought to be GPU related, but was only happening in Windows. I changed out the drive and the issue has vanished.

    After you reinstall Windows you will need the ATK package from Asus's website to use the backlight on the KB.

    Also, install the most recent BIOS!

    The top gets roughed up a little easy too. Just be semi cautious and it will look like new for a long time. Enjoy!

  18. Erick Sixto

    Hello! I will buy this laptop used from a friend that had it like 2 years. It is selling it to me for $800 dollars. Is it Worth?
    It is 4K, GTX 970M, 16GB RAM, M.2 sdd and i7 6700HQ

  19. Ray David

    But it can put Intel Optane? And add more RA?

  20. STRIX dances

    Best choose till now am using it thanks for ur recommendation

  21. Musba GT

    Proud to be a owner of GL502VT like if you are to 😀

  22. INandoI

    i have the exact same laptop but its not as good as it used to be

  23. Meep88

    I recently got the 502 and to call it quiet is a stretch

  24. Asad Qureshi

    i can run fortnite on this on 120fps on epic settings

  25. blewyd

    The days of the single-colored angular gaming laptops.

  26. O'MEDIA

    Hey i have asus rog strix gl502vmk, so its tunderbolt v2 or v3 ? 20gbs or 40gbs ?

  27. O'MEDIA

    Hello i have asus gl502vmk and usb-c is thunderbolt 3

  28. carlosfer2201

    I'm watching this on my own GL502. I've had it for like 5 years, and it's still rocking!
    Having said that, mine is an updated version (even though it's the same model code), and it has a GTX 1070. I was pretty happy when I got my hands on it.

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