ASUS Strix II Review – The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen

My review of the ASUS ROG Strix GL504 SCAR 2. The best gaming laptop from Asus for FPS players. The Hero 2 for MOBA games has very similar hardware.
Scar II –
Hero II –

With a 144hz – 3ms – thin bezel panel. The new Asus Strix gaming laptops are running the fastest laptop screens. GTX 1060 / 1070 options and i7 8th gen CPUs are well cooled in this awesome gaming laptop.

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  1. Dave2D

    Oops. I totally botched the product title in the slide. It's clearly not a Razer Blade. =/
    The new Strix is much improved from last years model and is one of the best offerings from ASUS right now

  2. ehenyor

    "Thunderbolt 3 is not expected, but it should be there." So, it is expected? 😉 Great review!

  3. I just picked the scar 2 up with the RTX 2070. Would be cool to see some game tests with the 2070. I love it so far

  4. Stefanno

    since i bought my first gaming laptop I am never going back. is so comfortable and potent do rely on

  5. Randolph Ruiz

    Hello Dave! Right now this laptop is 1399$ on Amazon. Would you recommend me this laptop over the 2019 Helios 300 that is 1089$? What's your insight?

  6. Defuu

    I just found out that I can buy this cheaper for around $530 in my country.obviously I'm gonna buy it but pretty suspicious.

  7. Pigletadventure

    Is it normal for plastic laptop to have a not good build quality because i own rog g531 and when I lift it i heard the gapping sound like they not fully attached

  8. Waqass

    Can we have a video on asus strix g? It's a budget gaming laptop which is trending here in asia

  9. Akash Rajas

    Hey Dave, I request you to make a video on scar III……….

  10. Ice

    I bought my asus rog strix scar 2 yesterday .when I tried to power it on without the power cable nothing happened.
    Then I plugged in the power cable and it worked. Once powered up I then removed the power cable and the laptop turned off.

  11. The OM Network

    I have the Rogue Strix II (1060 GTX version).. and am getting lag spiked and dropped frame rates on Fortnite with the lowest settings. I hear this should not be the case and I should be getting consistent frames even at higher graphic settings. According to my research, these laptops are coming with a single channel ram stick, which I hear is the issue. If it were a dual channel ram, I hear you can get a better frame rate up to 30%. I am thinking to add in a 16gb ram stick and hoping it'll solve my issues. What do you think?

  12. 10K

    Scar 3 review please? If possible.

  13. Stew

    were there any power limit throttling?

  14. A S

    Thank you for the video. Could you plz tell me what this miditower behind you is. Manufacture

  15. Alex Boyko

    Funny, it has exactly the same size and weight as Razer blade 15 :/

  16. Cristobal C

    Hey, has anyone heard about the cpu fan going crazy in this laptop. Making a lot of noise even when is in idle… I would love to hear your experiences.

  17. ATO

    What if I dont want the fancy colors all over the laptop

  18. Eggamyer

    I wish we had the options for a 90wh battery over storage. Why does Asus not think of these things, or at least give us the option? SAD!

  19. Ibrahim Ibrahim

    Would you prefer it or the Dell G5 15.6 with the same technical specs

  20. Donat Komjati

    Really great he pointed out they are not reliable. I owned this laptop for a year and while playing vr the fan shut down

  21. muhammad ans

    This Laptop is worst I recently purchased this laptop by watching this video this laptop has too many heating problems with poor battery backup. Without gaming laptop battery backup is hardly 75 to 80 minutes with just simple browsing. The CPU temperature while playing game hits 97 Celcius and GPU hits 94 Celcius. IF ANYONE PLAN TO PURCHASED THIS LAPTOP KINDLY DO NOT WASTE YOUR 2000$. I waste my 2000$ all reviews are fake and marketing stunt.

  22. Pav1upt

    I have asus strix scar 3 and in order to use afterburner to push the gpu
    i need to always use windows mode because on other armoury crate
    profiles it replaces the gpu and memory clocks…unfortunately fan
    speeds are now controlled by windows and are slow compared to turbo mode
    for instance…its a pain in the butt, Every time i unplug ac connector
    and plug it again it resets afterburner overclock/Undervolt…any way
    to use shadow drive without armoury crate? Thanks!

  23. SanctusDei TV

    can anyone help me, the internal hdd of my asus gl504gm hero II suddenly disappear. thanks a lot

  24. trulytoady

    my main question is does it feel to small because i hate small laptops, i prefer the bigger and bulkier ones

  25. Marx EL


  26. Andresito Rocks

    I have this laptop and I'm using it right now, I just needed to activate dual channel and it's amazing, only thing I hate about it is that the fans can get so loud…

  27. WaN_04

    it is look very similar to asus tu fx505 version

  28. Thanex

    Why does it say Razer Blade 15

  29. would this laptop support HDMI 2.1 feature if I connect it to a 4k 120hz tv with a HDMI 2.1 cable that can run 4k 120hz? has anyone tried. Now I can only run 1080p 120Hz with a normal HDMI 2.0 cable on my 4k 120hz TV.

  30. This is strix scar why are just calling is a strix in your tiltle, There are the strix and the strix scar. I am sure you know it, it is confusing enough from Asus, don't need you adding to the confusion, LOL

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