Asus T300 Chi Review – A detachable 2-in-1

My thoughts on the Asus T300 Chi. Enjoy!

Music Track: Smooth Rides – FILI
Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. McArio1

    Wow! The best reviewer I´ve seen: your are so eloquent and elegant, man. I liked your style.

  2. Himanshu Saliya

    i know its late question.
    but which is better for students this one and the latest surface pro 3/4?? PS: no tight budget.

  3. Google Reviewer

    Very distracting music – you've got the sound levels very wrong when adding it to the video. I gave up on watching this after 2 mins.

  4. Tienny Latif

    Help! Hi Dave, I really need to get a 2 in 1 laptop like this one soon. Is this decent enough for Photoshop/Lightroom, as long as I don't open that many apps? I'm not sure about the processor (Intel Core M?) compare this with Intel core i3 or i5? I'm so confused. My other option is Acer Switch 11 (with Intel i5 at Amazon). If this Asus better than Acer Switch 11 (with i5), where to buy this? I don't see it on Asus site. Great review!

  5. I need a two in one powerful enough to do all my work. What is the best one under $600?

  6. Eskimo

    Dude, you are probably the chillest reviewer on YouTube.

  7. Noobioh

    Since you said that the keyboard works over Bluetooth, is it possible to also attach a bluetooth mouse or is that something that wont work? Planning to buy this device for my study (Mostly just writing essays/notes and some browsing and a movie from time to time). If not are there any comparable devices who arent much more expensive in the ~12 to 14 inch range (doesnt have to be a convertible)

  8. Daura Dominguez

    Hey there, I've been planning to buy a 2 in 1 for basic stuff, web browsing, office, mails, etc but I'm short on budget. I've read and seen thousands of reviews and can't make a choice. Can you help me a bit?

  9. Burak Kunt

    Hi Dave! i need help, i need to get a 2 in 1 laptop like this because i'm going to college in 2 months and most of our classes will be pdf. I'll be using it for pdf files,e-mails,watching movies and stuff not for heavy using.But one thing that bothers me is the speakers. Sitting in your room and watching a movie how bad are them? In my country right now i have 2 options.Either This one or Galaxy Tab Pro S.I doubt for the Samsung because it has 4 gb of ram.What should i do?

  10. Tony Kwon

    Hi everyone, can you edit 10 minutes videos on this thing? BTW, I use Sony Movie Studio 13.0.

  11. shyguy

    i had this for 4 days and took it back cause of the keyboard would not connect to the tablet only sometimes

  12. 1940Silver

    I have a Asus 300 Android.  How do I unlock my.  How can I unlock it?  I forgot my PIN number?  Anyone?

  13. Abhishek Wadhwa

    Bought it in Sep 2015 and I'm in love with it with the asus stylus. Best 2in1 ever!!

  14. Dhruv Joshi

    can i used this laptop for developing purpose like app development in android studio and windows software development?

  15. slappyrats

    How can I get one of these with 128gb SSD, 8gb ram because I can't find any legit looking ones. Where did you get yours?

  16. Douglas Valdez

    Do you know of any good covers for this device that can be used with the key and tablet connected?

  17. Neko Chan

    I want him to be my boyfriend😫😍☁️☁️☁️

  18. ARSHAD S

    can you tell .The best 2 in 1 laptop under 450000 .

  19. Lauren

    your review are so cool and so complete..

  20. Winner3ty

    I have the old version I envy the new one it's dock is so thin so is the laptop and I love the silver inside the clicker

  21. Tony Tang

    Dave, I really recommend you to evaluate and do some review a phone named "坚果 Pro" made by Smartisan.

  22. Beenis

    AHHHH! Are you trying to make me have an anxiety attack! I mean cmon your unboxing at the edge of a roof!

  23. HolyVega

    This still good for students in 2018?

  24. E b

    Do not buy this product!!! I bought this piece of crap and I got nothing but headaches. The keyboard had a hard time pairing with the tablet. The mini USB port kept breaking and I had to send it to Asus for repairs numerous (5x) times . There is only one mini USB port, so it was a pain if you want to connect multiple devices that requires to be connected to the laptop. The sound is mediocre and weak. Asus support was difficult to deal with despite numerous attempt to have the product replaced. The battery doesn't last long.I do not recommend this product. Stay away!!!

  25. mido apriyadi

    hu dave would you tell me how much maximum capacity for microsd card slot thanks @Dave Lee

  26. camXmile

    Chi means death in Asian languages and they are super cautious not to use it, so i find the naming very weird.

  27. I11umina


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