Asus UX305 Review – 12″ Macbook Challenger

My full review of the Asus UX305 Ultrabook. Is this the real deal? A half price competitor to the new 12″ Macbook?
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  1. gio132050

    I have the 305ua 6th gen. Battery is great, only thing I don't like is that neither video editing software nor Photoshop will work properly. When I open the applications, all the fonts are tiny. I tried to override the scaling but it won't do anything. HOW FRUSTRATING!!


    hey i want to buy a laptop for programming purpose and my budget is 40k only pls suggest me

  3. Valentina Wimmer

    Contrast fewer seventh ozymdf yourself automatic invest politically heat.

  4. Shashvat Verma

    Please have a look at the Inspiron 15 (7579) from Dell, it has amazing specs for the $850 price and doesn't skimp out on features

  5. Christian Koncz

    I've had the UX305CA version (almost identical to this review unit, but with an updated CPU and GPU) for over a year. I think it's still the best value ultrabook overall. You're not going to be playing any serious games on an ultrabook anyways, so I think the slightly throttled back performance is worth it for the fanless and ultra-thin design. The SSD makes this laptop feel really fast and I haven't noticed any performance issues. Battery life has dropped considerably though, from around 8 hours of general use to less than 5, still OK in my opinion. Of course I wouldn't mind a zenbook pro or dell xps 15 for that 4K screen and killer performance, but they cost 2-3 times as much, depending on the configuration and you're really giving up a lot on weight, portability and fan noise. I think for most people, this laptop, or the newer UX310 is still the best choice for the money.

  6. Krypthom

    Can you edit photo and videos with this?

  7. lethalsl4pper1

    Saw this the day it was released. Just bought it for $350 🙂 Thanks Dave!

  8. Apon Visuals

    Hey Dave, Can you review asus vivobook x542un and also s510 vs s410.

  9. David Feder

    I had one one little blow to the screen and it got destroyed and i upgraded to a 2017 MacBook Pro and I'm happy with my upgrade

  10. Ayman Hazim

    i love the space grey Asus … and its better name than Macbook even though when you buy a macbook you are buying the IOS not windows

  11. krati gaming

    Hey Dave can u suggest me a laptop that has
    2.have stylus
    3.finger print sensor
    4.under 1000$

  12. Mitchco a Go Go

    It's 2019. I was thinking about getting a Chromebook, but picked one of these up on eBay for $200. Fantastic, highly portable device for word processing and light internet use.

  13. Nikhil Paleti

    45 Wh battery and just 6h of battery on what's that, a 7W chip?
    Damn the past was very inefficient for sure!
    I have a laptop with a 100W GPU, 45W CPU and a 55wh battery and I get a comfortable 6h of movies. If I just care for the power consumption, I guess I can break that mark too

  14. yanni strategy

    I have a question about the inside box of asus zenbook ux305 128 ssd and ram4 and middle east region
    Is there inside the box any HDMI and Ethernet port exist?

  15. Tengku Muliya

    I just need a device to type on. Using phone for doing assignments and online class is not a great experience.

  16. MAKE IT

    Where is screen sharing button on this laptop, and how does it works?
    Help me out

  17. Nikhil Paleti

    Who thought Apple's innovations would bring MHz processing back into the Market! That is basically slower than RAM damn!

  18. DodgyDan4

    Just coming to this video to see your review on my laptop of ~5 years. It's interesting to see! My laptop doesn't have the double click on the right of the trackpad… But I do still hate the trackpad. Right clicking just doesn't register 70% of the time, so I use a mouse all the time now. You haven't aged a day also haha

    Edit: you like Muse also, that earned a like

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