Asus UX501 Review – A 4K Gaming Laptop?

The Asus UX501 and G501 rock GTX 960M video cards and are marketed as thin/portable gaming notebooks. Are they worth the money? Enjoy!
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  1. Yahya Ayman

    is it still good ? i only play overwatch and dota2/Hots
    and with college

  2. I just picked up a ux501vw with 512 ssd, uhd (yes i know its "fake") matte screen, 16 gb ddr4, i7 6700hq and the 940M gddr5 for 800 bucks US. Pretty happy with that price.

  3. Jason R

    I found this on Craigslist and bought it for $895 the price was worth it for me

  4. Kenny

    Do a review of the new Zenbook PRO!

  5. canseeyo

    I have the same laptop, what I don't get is it doesn't show the 4k display, I can only have the 1920*1080 🙁 whys that

  6. Awais A.

    fyi i have an asus for a long time and the adaptor did die on me. just so people know.

  7. Benjamin Sea

    Just got this laptop two days ago…

    Everything is great, the only thing about this laptop that can really annoy users…THE 4K SCREEN HAS HORRIBLE ISSUES

    Photoshop, icons rearranging, Gimp, it seems that any old program needs manual changes to their UI and interface to make things readable. If you change the display, the words are either too big or too small. Some menus are super tiny. There are workarounds for this but it's a headache. I didn't know 4K for Windows 10 would suck so much ass. When you go from 4k to 1920×1080, the icons rearrange and the whole organization messes up. Sometimes you have to relog in and relog back in.

    Besides that crazy hassle, I like this laptop so far. It would be a 5/5 without these annoying things to fix. It's very hard to trouble shoot and I'm not sure when Microsoft will fix this. I would have rather had 1920×1080 as the default. But I guess, having 4k gives possibilities for future uses.

    So in a nutshell, just put this laptop at 1920×1080 to avoid display issues. 3k…I don't think it's a useful feature at all. Unless your only goal is to surf the web and nothing else. Video games, applications, all bad with resizing with lag or UI issues

    Also, you're probably going to have to do a clean uninstall for the 960M drivers. My card wasn't being used for Witcher 3 but runs perfectly on 30-60 FPS. Took me 6+ hours to fix this shit lol

  8. ATM

    Kinda of cool and its going for the perfect one till now…
    But why ? why it had to be white ? …BLACK version should be Deluxe B-)

  9. CloudsNursery

    I'm saving for this computer. A few questions though. 1. Do you recommended this computer? 2. Does it handle high quality games and stuff? I would be so happy if you replied 🙂

  10. DK Elli

    How would this be for 1080p video editing, productivity and maybe some lite-mid gaming by today's standards?

  11. Tanvir Hasan

    Please do a review of Asus Vivobook S510UQ. Please please. 🙂

  12. JustRant

    Grabs popcorn and watches on ASUS K501U

  13. Alden Ong

    Dave can you please do a review on the asus ux430?

  14. BABF

    Thanks now i knew why dell xps 15 is king of all laptops

  15. Wilsonandcars

    Dave i must missed it watch couple times how Accurate is the display RGB

  16. Tired

    is this Asus UX501JWFJ393P ?

  17. Lance Sabbag

    Have a 2017 UX501VW, looking for anyone who might know how to repaste the device and have a full tutorial for doing so.

  18. mrunali bangal

    Can I buy this for 3ds max and Autocad Softwares?? Pls don't reply

  19. Danial LameH

    Some one hep me pls! I have this laptop, where can I get a motherboard replacement? Does anyone wanna sell their Ux501vw motherboard? Or knows where to get a new one? Thanks

  20. mhn farmer

    The only good thing about this video was the witcher3!

  21. blue sky

    It you download iTunes on this, would it work if I plug in my iPhone on this?

  22. Boi Mesa

    Still worth it in 2020 and what's the difference between this and the UX501vw

  23. Anybody viewing after 6 years? Used a mate finished screen guard on top and its solved the one and only complaint

  24. sleepwell

    here i am in 2022 and look at the thick ass bezels on that thing!

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