Asus UX550 – Don’t Buy This For Gaming!

Dave2D review of the Asus UX550 ZenBook Pro. The best laptop from Asus for thin and light professional work with a GTX 1050 Ti but it’s not ideal for gaming.
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  1. Dave2D

    This is a great laptop for content creation professionals. I wish it had better thermals though! Thanks for watching =)

  2. Flawless Binary

    So is it alright if I played games on this?

    I'm not a hardcore gamer, just a casual one who plays sparingly.

  3. wesley lewis

    don't worry about me i don't even like that laptop i am getting a monster gaming laptop it is gonna be a asus g703gx because i am watching this video in august 2019

  4. Fugazy

    Can this run league thats all i need

  5. North

    This is best laptop I've ever owned. It doesn't underperform on battery, unlike nearly any other gaming laptop. It's a laptop; you're not gonna be on AC the majority of the time.
    The screen is accurate, and touchscreen at 1080p (which means you get full gaming performance unlike the other OEMs which include a 4K touch panel for zero meaningful reason)
    It has a dedicated microSD card slot, meaning you wouldn't need to carry around an adapter for full SD (No reason to use a full size SD in 2019 anyway)
    Performance is solid. There is rarely any throttling in the first place, you get what you pay for – i7-7700HQ performance alongside a 1050Ti.
    The speaker also is the best I've ever found in a laptop: bass, highs, clarify, volume. I've used it as a standalone speaker occasionally. I feel as if my upgrade to a Razer Blade 2018 is almost a downgrade. I wish that this laptop had a brighter screen, and at least a 1650, though. Does anyone know where to get a replacement touchscreen panel for this?

  6. Gyula Scherer Jr

    I’ve been gaming on this laptop for two years. It’s doable. Honestly pretty good considering it’s a slim laptop. If you’re a casual gamer, trust me, you’ll be just fine. But make sure to keep your max processor state at 99% (not 100%) to help keep it cool.

  7. Why? Why they all make gaming laptops so boring design! Hate it! Thank you for the review, I will try to find something better to play games

  8. Nawaf Hamade

    I am using this laptop for 2 years now! And I game on it intensively and never had thermal throttling issues!!! Guess my unit is unique xD I still do modern gaming on it and it runs smooth

  9. Adrian Suna

    Why a sd slot ? 2020 = Sandisk Extreme Pro ! and that's fast ! Go pro use sd ,drohnes uses sd ! This laptop its perfect for editing ! And you need a sd slot … if he doesn't …why not …if he has…. why he has …just unhappy people everywhere , apple paid you? 👎And yes ,for gaming buy a zephyrus s, it has enough power !

  10. Ammo

    I came for a $1000 laptop but i died hearing the price of this laptop

    Nitro 5 is the best option

  11. Ryan

    bought a zenbook pro ux550g, was pretty trash. It would heat up with fans turning on if you used it while charging or even during updates. Overall, very poor thermal handling. Battery life is only long if you're offline.

  12. Blake Abshire

    "It arrived, and I love itӐ Super compact, super small, super lightweight, super powerful. Everything about the laptop is fantastic. Main drawback is the computer gets really hot when I'm running video games, causing the processor to throttle its self, which is really a minor drawback since it performs fine with a cooling pad – i would recommend getting one for this machine.

  13. MiniRusty

    The question is, which laptop does he use

  14. Muneeb

    That's closer background music

  15. Louis WANG

    In fact I bought one there are 2 years. I am very satisfied. It has really premium look and the performance is enough for me. I one time leave it running for 4 days non stop at 100% GPU for training a deep learning model. It is very stable.

  16. dennis clarke

    i have one and it work for all my games i have no problem

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