Asus ZenBook S 13″ Review

Dave2D review of the 13″ Asus ZenBook S. With a new ErgoLift design this is the best laptop from Asus for the thin and light ultrabook market.
ZenBook S –

Coming in at 12.9mm the Zenbook S is an ultra thin device with a keyboard that has the tilt of a regular desktop keyboard. With 4k screen options, up to 16G of RAM and an 8th Gen i7, Asus has strong components for the price point.

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  1. Ira Anthony

    What do you do with all these laptops you review?

  2. rishi pandey

    Lman this subtitle sucks… I cant see the laptop.. hell

  3. eric martin

    "I really like the this laptop誰 I've had it for 4 months already and no issues yet. Great for school! It is a little heavier than other laptops, but I want a big screen and I knew that the was going to be expected. For the price, it was a no brainer.


  4. Johnson Oswel

    Since when did small laptops have dedicated page up keys close to arrow keys?

  5. A. J

    i need 2 laptops for my kids but i'm on a $1000 budget for both laptops combined so that's about $500 per laptop and i saw that this one was around $700

  6. I think I prefer the page up and down button being away from the other navigation buttons. I'm always pressing my page down button accidentally while trying to navigate the cursor while typing.

  7. Ninja9389

    Am I the only one who wonders what he dose with like 50 laptops

  8. just bought this laptop recently and i have to admit, it is the best laptop i have owned in a long time, the smoothness of this thing is incredible, and video editing on it is great also, i would give this thing a great review.

  9. I hope you'll review the new ZenBook S and compare it to the old one, I'm curious if performance has improved.

  10. Haiberzz

    Do u recommend this laptop or the dell xps13 11th gen?!

  11. like the detail of your reviews PgDn/Up keys, measuring dB of the fans, details of the speakers etc. Great approach!

  12. Nick Niva

    It looks like copper because it is copper

  13. Vikingdescendent

    Amazing looking laptop! This channel would be even better with a cat walking around!

  14. Maybe if you added some risers to the front rubber "legs" the speakers near the front might be able to produce a better sound profile for the listener. As it is with those tiny stubs at the front I'm not surprised the speakers are being almost muffled and causing reflective noises.

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