You are currently viewing ASUS Zenbook UX306 Review – Better Than The UX305?

ASUS Zenbook UX306 Review – Better Than The UX305?

Dave 2D review of the Asus Zenbook UX306 Ultrabook – The best thin and light laptop from Asus this year. Covering and build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
UX306 Pricing Here –
Seagate Drive Thing –
Mini Drive Thing –

Asus Link –

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  1. Alliah

    Please do Asus zenbook ux310ua

  2. Bálint Őry

    Hey Dave, thanks for the excellent reviews they really are the best ones on YouTube. I haven't seen you reviewing the Asus ux330, what are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

  3. Jonathan Nilsson

    Been looking into this one but I can't seem to find any information whetever it have actually been released yet or not and I can't find it in any stores. Got any information regarding the UX306?

  4. Kenny Ng

    can you make a review on the asus zenbook ux330ca?

  5. Sandrino B

    hi, do you plan to review the asus ux330ua, the new generation of the ux305,306?

  6. Tanvir Hasan

    Please do a review of Asus Vivobook S510UQ. Please please. 🙂

  7. PhantomRom

    Mine is Broken crap.. I have a ux305 and it was broken, it won't wake up whenever i close the lid, it wont boot after 30minutes, it wont turn on, sometimes i can use it normally but sometimes it wont turn on, and it will coz me half of the price whenever i tried asking a technician to repair it duh

  8. DL Mamba

    Can you do a review for the Lenovo 320s, the laptop in your other vid? Thank You! 😁

  9. smg

    The edge doesn't seem to scratch your table?? I am sitting here worrying about the table scratching the laptop!

  10. Max Clark-Palmer

    This channel is so chilled it's like listening to opera or having a bath its so relaxed…

  11. Fadi Kadeem

    What is that external drive?? For the video editing?

  12. TJun Gan

    Still using the ux305 Intel core m3 model as a university student

  13. I've owned this laptop for the last 4 years. Bought it on Amazon in 2017 for $700. I've replaced the battery and SSD (for a faster Samsung one, not because it failed). It still performs well for an ultrabook, but the dual core i7 and 8GB of memory are dating it. I've definitely gotten my money's worth though.

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