Asus Zephyrus + ZenBook Pro – 🔥🔥🔥

Asus Zephyrus and Zenbook Pro UX550 Review are coming but here are my first impressions of these devices. Zephyrus is the thinnest laptop with a GTX 1080!

Asus ZenBook Pro –

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  1. Dave2D

    Quick video. Thanks for the support 2D fam =)
    Super excited for the ZenBook Pro UX550. That thing can't come any sooner!

  2. Ahmad Khamis

    till now you did not make the zenbook pro reveiw. waiting…. @ dave lee

  3. Dave! If you by some weird chance happen to read this – can you review the zenbook pro ux550? It’s been out for quite a while, there are little to no reviews on the web and many people (including me) are waiting for an in-depth look into this one

  4. I like a lot your reviews, first because you do it very well, concisely, calmly, feeding us with good informations. Second because your speech is very calm, you emits good feelings through your voice and your gestures, something is minimalist, and very good to see. Congrats.

  5. iExplainers

    I have an old ASUS GL552JX that came with 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM. I wanted to ask if there's any possibility of upgrading the ram? More memory or more frequency?

  6. mia ufk

    this isn't the zenbook pro its a gaming laptop

  7. Muhammad Hussain

    Can you do a comparison of the Asus Zenbook Pro with the Dell XPS 15 pls

  8. Oogunn

    I lost faith in AW, I'm currently typing on one. But this Asus Zephyrus is sexy as hell, I am not sure about the keyboard shift but as I take my laptop to work a lot the build is a huge factor for me.

  9. Jose Luis

    Is that god for some cad work. I want to buy the ux550 but this one looks awsome!!

  10. Electricnick

    What do I look for in a laptop?
    I look for something with great specs and the durability of my pos chromebook, I've thrown this thing and it's fine, it's what I'm typing this comment on

  11. Im confused, i want to buy a laptop asus vivobook pro n580vd or Asus Rog Gl503vd

  12. JDhelsing

    Hi I am undecided between the Asus Rog Zephyrus and the Razer Blade 14' which of these two laptops have the best performance for a simulator and for work.

  13. AkarnaPrime

    Zephyrus has beautiful design and engineering, but terrible quality. 70% negative reviews on NewEgg. Epic fail from Asus.

  14. Budie Basri

    Hey dave. can you review HP Pavillion Power 15. I hope you review this model thank you.

  15. Star1 child

    Nice, thinking of getting one. Have a few questions if anyone can help.

    1. If selecting manual "Fan Boost" for max fan speed, does Max-Q then switch to a standard performing GTX 1080? (would have thought if user is prepared to have noisy fan mode at times of playing most demanding titles like Wildlands, then intelligent software would know this and override max-q while only in max Fan Boost).

    2. Assuming it will be compatible with USB-C to Display Port adapters in order to get out that 1080p at 120Hz over a connection to large external 120Hz displays?

    3. Does this have RGB "per-key" lighting enabling gamers/users to configure and map their custom lighting to suit their individual game's controls system. If not, would this be possible through software/drivers, or is it completely hardware restricted and therefor doomed for this feature?

    Shame about the huge bezels.

  16. piyush mathur

    My dell inspiron can do that hinge movement…

    It isn't meant to do that tho..

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