Async + Await in JavaScript, talk from Wes Bos

Flow Control in JavaScript is hard! Native Promises in JavaScript have helped immensely, but the syntax is still a little callback-y. With Async + Await, we can write synchronous looking code without losing any of the benefits of JavaScript’s asynchronous nature.

Wes Bos explores how async + await works, best practices for flow control, and explores several solutions for handling errors.

Filmed at on December 1st in Paris.

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  1. Divyesh Parmar

    Wow wesbos yay! I just realized this was almost 4 months back! Damn I've come so far with JS already

  2. Chad Pjontek

    This is exactly what I needed to learn today! Thank you!

  3. Marlon

    Loved the express bit. Thanks!

  4. David S

    Amazing talk, I really like async / await but the error handling seems too ugly to me so generally I prefer promises

  5. Alex Nezhynsky

    This is the best async await video to this day, I'm not even exaggerating.

  6. Kong Bruce

    The fonts of the code is awesome,what kind of the font is ,who knows?

  7. streamdungeon

    that intro could probably pop a speaker… it is horrible sound 🙁

  8. Bo _ver

    Finally, I get it! Thank you, Wes!

  9. saga vera

    Wes is brilliant async/await not so much…

  10. ST14RNS

    Great shoutout to Wes Bos for a brilliant and clear explanation

  11. TMTGAU

    The elephant in the room is that when you have to wait for data before doing some processing then it doesn't matter how "performant" your code is.

  12. Padaric O Hora

    Wes Bos is a great speaker, he makes it so simple and explains it so well

  13. Arfan

    when I see this name [Wes Bos], I am like I need to watch the video 🔥🔥🤣🤣

  14. Ashish Guleria

    Just write this thing today in my code from stackoverflow and wanted to know about this …and guess what youtube recommend me this

  15. Sumit Kumar

    Starting this video, I had 70% confidence with async-await; after watching it my confidence is 42.6%

  16. Kasper369

    I still can't get over the fact that some people are laying in audience

  17. Purple Panda

    What a beautiful stage. 🌿 Even his slides are aesthetically pleasing.

  18. Narottam Das

    in the beginning, you said JavaScript does not wait, is it JavaScript or Node Js is non-blocking nature?

  19. JNostro

    There's a chick in the crowd about to say "can you keep it down cause I'm trying to sleep here?"

  20. Nesa

    Every F-ing video on this subject i watch i find 1000s of comments saying how they finally understood this. And i feel like the only one stupid mofo who doesnt and is incapable of doing it.

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