AUXITO A501 Portable Cordless Air Pump for Tires, Bikes, Balls, and More!

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hi welcome this video is all about a little air compressor which also doubles as a mobile power bank it is Wireless but it can be used wired as well I’m going to unbox it show you how to use it and then pump some stuff up oh boy I’m probably going to butcher the company name but it’s called Oxo oxu this is the a501 portable tire inflator before I use this I’m going to fully charge the battery but I’m kind of curious to see how much it came with so the power buttons right here hold it down look at that screen 89% the top button over here is for the light right here so if I hold it down for a couple seconds and then let go there’s a light a flashlight there’s also a blinking light and a faster blinking light the next button and then the fourth button this is plus minus and the bottom button is for various presets so this one is for a ball next one doesn’t have anything so you can just manually adjusted to whatever then there’s car bicycle and motorcycle and of course you can adjust it cuz not everyone’s car motorcycle or even ball is going to be exactly these presets like for example car as much as Jiffy Lube loves to inflate my tires to 36 they’re not supposed to be 36 they’re 32 it’s loud but it’s not as loud as some of my other ones I’m going to ask an expert on loud things to see how loud this is can you tell me if this is loud no come here is it loud are you used to it now but will I keep my setting if I turn this off and then turn it back on again ah yes but what if I scroll through the presets no but what if I put it into this one oops and then turn it off and turn it back on again there it is but what if I scroll through them one more time oo it does store it so that is the way to do it then now I’m really excited to pump something up I don’t know if this orange p p is supposed to stay on there or not but I’m just going to leave it on there so this piece screws in like so and then you’re ready to go well you’re ready to go if you want to pump up some tires but I got something that needs to be inflated immediately as you can see vaping has really affected my lungs and I totally can’t breathe like a lot of people said in my mask video I have a lot of breathing power but if you don’t this is much much easier so let’s go pump up something that this is actually meant to pump up this one does have more air in it though just using my lungs I feel like I wasn’t able to get as much air into it I had this set to 150 psi which is ridiculous for a pool floating but I figured it would go faster that way this bike you’re going to be seeing on my channel pretty soon here max PSI 45 so this screws on here and I should be able to see the current PSI of the tire oh yeah I should probably put this on bicycle and luckily the preset for a bicycle is spot on 45 PSI 45 PSI and right now we’re at oo 5.5 let’s get it to 45 and then it just Auto stops so once it reaches where it needs to be it stops I know it says Max is 45 but let’s let’s not do 45 it just feels like a lot of air so I’m going to do this to 40 PSI instead of 45 this is so much better than trying to find air out there in the world I mean I guess I could use a manual pump to pump the tires but no this is so much better I’m at 65% can you see that and I’ve done two bike tires and one pool floaty welcome to I still drive the exact same car I’ve been driving for years because it still works can you even see that can you see anything it says 31.5 so I really don’t even need to fill my tires but let’s go to 32 anyways it won’t even do it it’s too close to it how about this I’ll release some air since my tires don’t really leak at least this one tire here so I can show you the power of this little thing so bright out here but if you can’t see it it says 24.5 so now I am going to inflate to 32 taada and that took about 10% of the battery life maybe I’ll be able to see a little bit better over here on this side of the car app this one has too much air okay won’t be filling this one but you get it you get the point it works usual compressors work and my favorite kind is the one without wires you just have to remember to charge it but if you don’t you should still be okay cuz it comes with one of these always remember to charge it or you know just do what I do and have like two or three of these things in your car so you’re always ready to pump or charge your phone because it’s also a mobile power bank cards are dirty and white was thef perfect color to wear for this so it can pump up your wheels and your phone full of juice speaking of really cheesy things I say I have this cheesy outro that is totally waiting for you but if you are interested in this little air compressor SL mobile powerbank I will have a link Down Below in the video’s description to that’s it that was the cheesy outro all right byebye hey outside time time is not lay around time no it’s go run around time mhm go run around this is not lay around time

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