Avoid Buying This PS5 Upgrade At All Costs

Here’s the PS5 upgrades that you should AVOID buying.. Don’t waste your money on these PlayStation 5 accessories, it’s a big mistake! New PS5 users NEED to think twice before you buy these things.. Stay away from the PS5 DualSense Charging Station, PlayStation 5 HD Camera, PS5 Media Remote, & ALL cooling fan upgrades! They are NOT worth the money for first time PS5 users.. Here’s why!

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  1. Tacc Raccoon

    I have a 3rd part controller charger

    It plugs into the consoles usb port and works fine I’ve had it for almost 2 years.

    Keeps my controllers charged and it looks good having them on display

    Also was a lot cheaper than the regular one

  2. Orville Sash

    I'm a fan of the charging dock. It's convenient and keeps my setup nice and tidy.

    I actually like the media remote as well because I enjoy watching physical media. Also, I have an issue with enabling that HDMI setting you displayed. If it's enabled, and I put the PS5 into Sleep Mode, when I power it back on I sometimes get a black screen and am forced to hard reset the console. Not a fan of that.

  3. Revolt787

    I don't know John.. the charging dock is a great investment 👌 i have zero complaints.

  4. Dual charge is the best that You can buy to PS5…. waist of time is watching this video…

  5. BlueMan2018

    That was me bought a ps 5 cooling fan it turned my ps 5 in to a ps4 pro over night lol

  6. T

    Aren't you supposed to not charge electronics all the time & only charge it when it's super low on battery?

  7. Ryan_1991_D

    I charge my controller no problem without the dualsense charging station and without cords coming from my ps5. Plus wont it over charge if you leave it on the dualsense charging station to long?

  8. SaltyMaltyMo

    General consensus says you're wrong about the first 1. And I agree with the rest. Less cables and more organised to charge meaning more connections available on the PS5 itsel.

  9. Woud

    Totally random, but I noticed some features on my Sony Bravia XR65A83K. When I turn on the PS5, it turns on the tv as well and changes it to the correct channel. Seems normal these days, but yesterday I noticed that when the PS5 is still on and you turn of the tv via the remote from the tv. The PS5 will automatically go into rest mode :O
    Never had any of those features before!

  10. J DARG

    I disagree about the charging dock as I have no USB sockets left on my PS5 as I have a external hard drive and my PSVR which takes up 2 USB sockets and my external hard drive takes up the other one so I use my external charging dock to charge my controllers

  11. Piotr Cofałka

    I also highly disagree that DualSense Charging Station take. Take on Charging Station is pretty much the same as "Cars are useless, use your legs people!". It's about comfort and having place to put your controller off instead of throwing it everywhere.

  12. 4PF

    I have the dualsense charging station and it’s very well worth it! Always have my controller fully charge haven’t worried about battery since I got it. And it’s great to have a place dedicated to sit them.

  13. Austin Keller

    I disagree with the cooling fan upgrades, the exact model you showed is what's on mine and it makes a hell of a difference for me.

  14. Tucker Smith

    I disagree with the media remote, it makes it so you can use mic. On tv controller mic doesnt work on ps5

  15. barrigany

    Thoughts on the GRAUGEAR Metal Heat Dissipation Cover?

  16. Hollow

    Nah the charging station is THE MOST USEFUL ACCESSORY, I hate having to put my ps5 in rest mode just to charge my controller also I love how it doesn’t it need to use the ps5 since it has its own plug

  17. I feel like I'm the only one here who doesn't regret buying the PS5 Camera. I bought it specifically for the purpose of live streaming games on PS5 (which I have done relatively often), and I'd say it lives up to its intended purpose for the most part.

  18. Bryan Ortega

    To add to the charging station stuff, It's not really as needed/useful as the charging docks used for PS4 controlers. PS5 controllers use usb type C ports, which are way far more reliable than the micro usb ports on PS4. Sure, it might look neatt, but charging stations on PS4 used to help with controller longevity, and that's no longer the case for the PS5.

    Not to mention, either way your PS5 controller doesn't charge if the battery is over 70%, so keeping it in the charge station at all times every time you stop playing is kind of a moot point.

    Then again, I have 3 PS5 controllers and a usb type c cable always connected to a power strip I've got setup for other stuff, so swapping and charging controllers is no really a problem for me, for I have a designated space to it, and I can see how the station can be an easier path for other people.

  19. Gzuz Gaming

    charging dock is a life saver. as soon as i get low battery notification i immediately grab the other and put it to charge… super convenient. also, im pretty sure he recommended it in a previous video to avoid wear and tear from the type c cord because of the low battery life the controllers have…

  20. "Charge while in rest mode" meanwhile rest mode killing most consoles……no ty I'll use the charging station on an external power source.

  21. KamronA

    I disagree with the dual sense charging station. I love my dual sense charging station and it saves me from any downtime while playing a game for long periods of time. As soon as one controller runs out of juice, I just turn that controller off and place it to charge on the charging station and pick up the one that's already charged. I'm glad I bought my charging station and don't regret it at all.

  22. Gary Wals

    How about the stick-on vent covers good or bad for your system

  23. Sinan Akhtar

    Tbh, I disagree about the charging station, its not bad. I'm a person who hates having a bunch of wires everywhere, and the charging station makes it so much more organized for me. I feel like its a good accessory. (besides, I bought my ps5 as a bundle that came with the charging dock so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. StrykerVids

    I love all these videos, but I gotta disagree with the DualSense charger. I bought a controller charger way back in the day for my PS3, and it was the best accessory I ever purchased. Same with my PS4. I pre-ordered the DualSense charger before the PS5 released, and well over a year before I was able to get a PS5. I know the PS5 charges controllers in rest mode, but I rarely ever use rest mode due to my experience with my PS4 crashing almost every time I used it after having it in rest mode. For me, the separate charger is just so much more convenient. I agree with everything else in this video! Keep ‘em coming!

  25. Florian Lelarge

    i love how everyone disagree with the charging dock , this thing is so life changing it's almost a must have

  26. BlueOak1

    so glad the remote was on the list. it is a complete piece of garbage. the batteries always die within a few days, it's ridiculous

  27. Chris G

    Sorry man, but I'm with everyone else on the charging station. My wife got me one with the console for Christmas and I love it so much, I got one for the PS4 as well.

  28. Anthony Benitez

    Sorry my guy, just lost my subscription & follow 🤦‍♂️ it was going so good too

  29. Fuoco 136

    The charging station is great if you play long session.
    Swap controllers while the other one charges constantly.
    As well as it saves the USB slot on the PS5. I have a usb headset so that's already 1 slot used up and the second slot can still have a charger for charging whatever I need.

  30. No bro… dual sense charging station is a must if u have two joysticks… otherwise it’s a mess with all the wires and stuffs

  31. Steelebourne

    The media remote is so terrible, with almost all of the buttons lying completely flat against the surface, making them very hard to find without looking. Another complaint is that you can't remap the shortcuts. Also, the ergonomic shape actually makes it uncomfortable to hold, and it can't sit flat on a table. The one good thing about it is the very long battery life.

  32. Chris G

    Charging station is a must buy imo. Hate having cables attached to the front of my PS5 and I always completely shut my PS5 off when im not using it.

  33. bahamut505ci

    Don’t buy a ps5 either, just put an ssd in your ps4 lol.😂

    Seriously tho I majorly disagree about the media remote and charging dock. I’m not wasting usb slots on a wire, and I do use a monitor for my ps5 so the remote is a godsend for me.

    I have 2 of the 3 usb a slots used, with an external hdd for ps4 games and one for a dongle. I keep one free for any other accessories.

  34. nevets

    The Media Remote is very bad, it murders batteries and has connection issues.

  35. Paul Tiimothy

    I had to put my ps5 into an entertainment center. Has an open back and front but still not what I would consider superb ventilation so the fans have helped a lot with just basic flow and I can’t hear them at all.

  36. SuperDragon1777

    Look John, like many posts right here, i disagree with the charging/docking stations, no matter if its official or third party. I have a very identical cooling stand like you showed before, it might have a wobbly base and the usb-c chargers are annoying, but i rather have this than using two cables to charge them individually cause im not into that. It might be a cheap solution but its a solution that i rather have that none.

  37. Barndors

    The charging station is so nice bruh what are you talking about

  38. Tommytoff

    I bought a charging dock, works ok if you haven't got a soft grip cover on your controller.
    The docking station I have has the usb-c to charge so it does not accept any extras.
    I ended up buying the piggy back battery for all my controllers to get 8-10 hrs use out of them.
    Add that and some lizard skins stick on covers and I use cables( on a double adapter type cable to save usb slots) to charge mine

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