Awesome Laptops and Tech from CES 2018!

CES 2018 checking out a couple of awesome laptops!

LG Gram 13 – (8th Gen)
LG Gram 15 – (8th Gen)

The fresh XPS 15 hybrid and the redesigned LG gram. These are the best laptops I saw this year.

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Fili – Flawless Victory

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  1. Dave2D

    Cool stuff this year but sadly there wasn't a regular XPS 15 refresh and no Intel H processors. Thanks for watching!

  2. Richard Servello

    External 16x PCI-e box….awesome….no GPUs available anywhere….awww 🙁

  3. Richard Servello

    Radeon is bad enough….Radeon in a laptop is always a very disappointing experience.

  4. MaZEEZaM

    The LG monitors and the Gram laptop look really nice, I wish they had a G-sync gamer range of monitors with this clean look, none of the ghastly ‘Gamer’ look that all the companies go for. Just because I love to game, doesn’t mean I want a monitor designed with a 13 year old boy in mind.

  5. Can you do review on msi gl62vr/mvr. I think that's the cheapest laptop with gtx 1060 6gb on the market right now.

  6. Tazim 007

    I thought the background music was DNA from the BTS

  7. Daniel C.Jensen

    Need a laptop for studying. Im using Autodesk Revit for 3d modelling. Thinking about Dell XPS 15.6" or Lenovo Yoga 720 15.6". I definitely need a good GPU. Only concern is that both have 7 th. gen processor. Should i wait for 8 th. gen on those devices? Or do any of you guys know whether a XPS 13 or Yoga 720 13 would be able to run Revit. I isually have multiple models linked together. Any other advises og devices i should look into?

  8. Xps 15 2 in 1 8th gen 2018 can i do vr with it and price please its Roland thanks

  9. brewzkee

    If the 14" gram comes in less gloss/matte screen I'm in. I want something for heavy coding (key travel is important), light graphic design, uber light to code anywhere i go.

  10. X

    Lol extra thicc

  11. mkd1r

    No one cares about the stupid Lg Gram, because moron Lg wont sell it again in most EU and Germany.

  12. ARYAN MN

    Do avideo on Dell inspiron 7570 plssssssss

  13. Parvatee Gowry

    hi Dave!
    what laptop would you recommend for a computer science student?

  14. JorisZarco

    Looking forward to a full review of the 2018 Gram

  15. dhu192

    1:30 I'm watching this on a 15 inch 2 in 1 laptop. Ha! I understand your reason why it's uncomfortable to hold a decently large laptop in your hands, I should have gotten a different laptop, oh well.

  16. GH Tech Review

    I was really hoping to see something on the HP Spectre x360. I have the 2017 model and it's an amazing laptop.

  17. Aasif Faiz

    super interested to see what you think of the Huawei Matebook X pro

  18. Ema™

    When XPS 15 2-1 will get out?

  19. Kiran chhetry

    I need a laptop
    Macbook pro
    xps 9560
    Xps new
    hp spectre x360
    confuse 😏

  20. T H T

    Your voice sounded uncleared.

  21. Sherwin Mariano

    Watching on my LG gram 13 inch model hehe. Indeed a nice piece of tech except for the price tag.

  22. Aaron Telander

    2-in-1 for XPS is especially smart, since tent mode allows for the webcam to actually be on the top!

  23. Sudharsan B

    Can u do video about laptop for designers using high software's for designing with high performance

  24. Jes Tech

    Sean Fujayoshi? The Heck are you doin here? I thought ye were in college!

    Rascist – Lvl 10000000

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