Baseus Blade 2 – The World’s Thinnest Power Bank

Baseus Blade 2 – The World’s Thinnest Power Bank
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  1. @fatphoca5009

    This powerbank is pointless for iPhone users as the maximum charge speed for iPhones is so slow.

  2. @cirocobama

    Yo son that thing is fire! Thx for puttin a brother on

  3. @nelmsie

    Hey Floss great review i seen they have a 25,000mah 65w power bank from INIU for 59.98 not sure if you have that product already

  4. @geo0526

    There is a 100w, 20000mah matte black charger I can get from that same link

    And it's the same price

    Something don't seem right

    Am I missing something?

  5. @tortuganinja-75

    "Anger levels increasing"

    I can tell flossy had fun when he was younger 😅👍

  6. @theoretex

    Mine should be here today with the 100W as well for comparison 😁

  7. Its a pass for me. With it being so thin and wide its a missed opportunity to put a wirleess magsafe charging ring and a watch spot.

  8. @johnny_ma

    What is the fish aquarium live background you have on the phone?

  9. @dd___dc

    Google keyboard gangsta 🤔🤔🤣😭

  10. @IAmJe

    Flossssss. The battery on my Blade 100W black thin has swollen and feels hard as a rock. They replaced it over a year ago -I hate that it worked out this way.

  11. I need this for the sake of having it, Floss sold it to me, what a great gadget, but maybe wireless would have been triple major go 😂

  12. @2arias2

    12k nah at $100 bucks ain't it. I need it to be at least 20k

  13. @chrism.1536

    Hi Mr. Floss, will you Review the Magic 6 Pro? ❤❤❤

  14. @yoshi555king

    That would fit great in my edc and I do need a new powerbank after 6 years (dead usb port qi works great). their pencil, cables, charger, phone stand, vacuum, pouch and earbud cleaner have been great so far

  15. I would be too scared to grab it at night and break it trying to fold it, thinking it's my Foldable phone 😂😂😂

  16. @megamegaO

    For how wide it is, I'm dissapointed In the lack of ports

  17. Some people call it "Base-us" 😊 Anyway, another great review!

    Would you prefer Anker Powerbank or Baseus, if you had to chose one.

    Your opinion is important! Thanks!

  18. @Duke52DDOJ

    Floss can you do the Garmin Vivoactive 5 smart watch?

  19. @TheHoliiad

    Baseus has always good quality accessories with really good price

  20. @verveblack

    has the quality increased? read many bad reviews on the web lately year

  21. doesn't Samsung show a turquoise circle when it's super fast charging? Green for regular charging and turquoise for super fast charging?

  22. @bilalk85

    Baseus 20k mAh, 25W for $30 here, hehe steal ! 😂

  23. @kimslifevlog

    Who knew portable chargers had so many features great video

  24. @kimslifevlog

    Tbh I could careless about the charger came for your antics and to support

  25. @bernardomotard

    Bought the first gen blade 100W and it was full of issues. Hope they fixed it

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